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Women Get Killed When Husbands Lose Work

February 15, 2010
California Partnership to end domestic violence
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

According to some authorities, the more the economic situation spirals out of control, the more likely women are to suffer domestic violence.  There has been a rash of killings, up to 5 women in the past spate, killed by partners, and linked to economic instability:

Women’s advocates said they believe that despite the varying circumstances, at least one underlying cause is an unforgiving economy that has intensified family disputes, inflamed some men’s abusive tendencies, and left some women more reluctant to leave violent relationships.

In many of the cases, women reported that a host of financial pressures had made their husbands or boyfriends more prone to anger and violence.

“The story behind the story is the economy,’’ said Suzanne Dubus, executive director of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, a domestic violence organization in Newburyport. “Bad economic times do not create batterers, but they do exacerbate problems. And women who are lying in the dark at night, thinking about leaving, they have no idea how they’ll support themselves and their kids on their own.’’

Advocates cite economic problems for a rise in requests for assistance from women who believe they are in danger. At the Women’s Center, a domestic violence agency in New Bedford, calls for assistance are up more than 25 percent over the past 18 months, and three emergency shelters are full. Last week alone, a Brockton group took five women and six children into safe homes.

I don’t think men who kill women are suddenly “more prone to violence,” especially not when this same story reports that some of these men killed by slashing a girlfriend’s throat, and killing their own children while attempting to kill their wives.  Killers don’t suddenly turn out in force because of spending issues, but perhaps women stay with dangerous men longer because they feel economic pressures.

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