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Killer Whale Kills Trainer: Sea World wins Asshole of the Week Award

March 1, 2010
Dolphin Cove (Seaworld)
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Hmm, the killer whale killed again.  Yes, this particular orca has been implicated in at least two other human deaths, bringing his death toll up to three.  Sea World, even knowing that this orca has killed before, and just killed his trainer in front of an unsuspecting crowd, isn’t talking about putting the orca down, but tries to blame people for this latest attack.

Salon has an article about the killer whale, suggesting that putting the orca in a tank in captivity has led to a form of insanity, orca insanity.  I don’t know how this can be true when the animal is termed a killer whale because it must kill its prey to eat, but orca insanity on Salon it is.  Of course, the insanity is blamed on the tank, on boredom, on signals, perhaps the course of the moon.  Just kidding, no moon phase there, but orcas are designed to kill.  They aren’t designed to swim happily with trainers in a ring and then coast on to an iceberg look-alike and skate up happily for fish in front the madding crowd.

Yahoo news has multiple articles about the killer whale’s previous killings, but Sea World stands to lose a lot of money if it loses its current stud. Yes, Sea World gets money for getting this killer orca to reproduce.  Great, so now Sea World has knowingly, because they knew about his previous killing habits with humans, put this killer whale’s sperm up for sale after he has been documented to be uncommonly aggressive toward humans.  Why not multiply the animals who kill humans in tanks, right?  Who has a problem with that?  Apparently Sea World doesn’t, because while it scrambles to save its bottom Shamu bottom dollar, it won’t state that SeaWorld will stop letting this particular killer killer whale stop breeding.

I know, a bit overdone to call a killer killer whale, but seriously, hasn’t the situation reached the moronic?  It’s dangerous to swim with killer animals, and this one has killed before, and will kill again, but why acknowledge that when a billion dollar industry is in the works, right? Let’s hold a “memorial ceremony” a.k.a. whopper of a show with photos of the dead trainer, and get on with business already, right SeaWorld?  Why take time to protect the other trainers/killer whale toys?  Why not capitalize on the tragedy while the news media is interested?  I don’t know, why not?  So SeaWorld sets the show, and categorizes this as an unfortunate happenstance, complete with a memorial.  Adventure parks where people get eaten, great new place to take the kids?

So, for this : Sea World wins the Asshole of the Week award.  Much clapping, now let’s have the CEO go feed the killer whales as his grand prize.  Feel like swimming with an orca anyone?

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