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Mike Cox Former Investigation Turned Over to FBI

March 25, 2010

Darn all the bad luck, just as Mike Cox is getting ready to run for governor, that pesky old FBI has to get involved in one of his former investigations.  How did that happen?  You would think all this stuff was settled by now, right?  Apparently the FBI didn’t think so.  Now I may not be a highly paid and televised commentator, but I would think that having the FBI investigate allegations against you as the Michigan Attorney General wouldn’t be the best thing for you.

The FBI took over the investigation of a the death of a stripper at Kwame Kilpatrick’s house, yes the former mayor of Detroit who embezzled  from the City of Detroit, to allegedly support his girlfriend.  But this case of the death of a woman at Kwame’s house has turned into a hot-button political issue because 1.) strippers and other sex workers are often seen as disposable 2.) Mike Cox wouldn’t even interview or follow Kilpatrick’s wife to ascertain the details of a party the lying former mayor says  never took place.  So, this little bitty investigation gets the attention of the little bitty FBI, and all hell breaks loose when the police state that Mike Cox interfered with their investigation.  I am going to copy and paste an article in here that was published in The Michigan Messenger, claiming to be an independent reporting organization, because there is so little true coverage of this issue in the Grand Rapids Press or The Detroit Free Press (both known to be Republican-affiliated papers who appear to be protecting their golden boy bid for governor, Mike Cox).  The article in The Michigan Messenger is written by a Todd A. Heywood, and it was published last October.

Read along:

A state police investigator alleged Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox interfered with an investigation into a party that allegedly occurred at the Detroit mayoral residence, Manoogian Mansion.

Investigator Mark Krebs, a detective with the Michigan State Police, testified in the civil lawsuit against former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and other officials for their alleged involvement in the 2003 murder of Tamara Greene. Greene allegedly was a dancer at a party at the mansion, but was shot to death in 2003 as an investigation into the alleged wild party was getting going.

Krebs testified that investigators, himself included, were stymied by Attorney General Mike Cox, reports WDIV television in Detroit. Krebs alleges that Cox would not authorize subpoenas to further the investigation, directed detectives not to interview Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita, and told investigators he would interview Kilpatrick himself, alone, without attorneys or other witnesses present.

Krebs testified reluctantly, joining two other state police officials to fight an order to do so by filing a federal court action to quash the subpoena. But a judge ruled yesterday that the testimony of the officers was “imperative” and ordered them to testify. Shortly after that, Krebs took the stand, with his testimony lasting over six hours. The other two investigators, Curt Schram and John Figurski, will likely give depositions in the case at a later date.

Cox is term limited from the post of attorney general, and is running for governor as a Republican. He faces Tim Rujan, Rick Snyder, Tom George, Pete Hoekstra and Mike Bouchard in a tight Republican primary.

Greene’s family alleges that her death was connected to the alleged out of control party, at which she was an exotic dancer. Her family’s lawsuit has uncovered testimony of 9-1-1 operators and workers who worked at the party, which officially has never been proven to have occurred.

Greene’s murder case has recently been re-opened and sent to a special violent crimes investigation unit made up of representatives of the FBI, the Michigan State Police and Detroit Police. The move was ordered by new police chief Warren Evans, formerly the Wayne County Sheriff.

This is the investigation that Mike Cox has defended by saying “it’s all bullshit,” an excellent oral defense, if I have ever heard one.  Mike Cox keeps saying that it’s Warren Evans’ job to open the investigation, but it was one that Mike Cox never finished when he started it.  The real question is:  why hasn’t this information received news coverage from major media outlets?  Why was this woman allowed to die without a proper investigation into a man whose whole political office, marriage, and official duties were corrupt?  And why wouldn’t his wife be investigated in a murder investigation?  There should be no protecting of an official’s wife in the case of the death of a young woman, even if the officials didn’t approve of her being a stripper.

The Republican party has also taken a hit when a former local man named Padnos bought the Pete webpage and started posting the issues surrounding Hoekstra’s campaign.  (I have written about Hoekstra and Cox before, but since Zemanta changed, I can’t search my own posts for ready access and will have to come back and add those links. )  It looks like Repubs are taking a beating, but here is the dangerous thing about Republicans, as true believers in themselves, there is no question about their ability to lead when say, the FBI targets their professional abilities and mounts a federal investigation.  There is no hesitation on Hoekstra’s part when he failed to even purchase his domain name in an election year and then defends this by saying he is “Dutch” and therefore “cheap.”  Come on Republican Party, give us something to work with that hasn’t already been mauled.


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