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1 in 10 Doctors Admit to Sexual Misconduct

April 15, 2010

I had posted this week about sexual assault and abuse by physicians, because I have a friend who has had a very personal experience with it and was ignored in her complaints by Governor Granholm’s office and the Michigan Licensing Board.  I wanted to put the information out there for consumers about the plague of sexual misconduct by physicians and was shocked by what I found.  Now, Dear Readers, I would like to share with you a comment from the mailbag, with a Reader telling me that rates of sexual misconduct have hit an astounding 10%:

You have just barely scratched the surface when it comes to sexual misconduct by physicians. Various reliable studies show that around 1 in 10 doctors will ADMIT to sexual misconduct. The rate naturally tends to be higher among physicians, such as ob/gyns, who have regular access to females. And since doctors are not likely to admit sexual misconduct, even in anonymous surveys, the actual rate of sexual misconduct is undoubtedly much higher. When doctors are disciplined for sexual misconduct, they often receive only a token punishment, such as a reprimand, which in reality amounts to telling the doctor not to get caught doing it anymore. Nearly half of all doctors sanctioned for sexual misconduct still practice. Even doctors who lose their licenses for sexual misconduct can often get them reinstated after a year or two. And don’t be fooled into thinking the presence of a chaperone offers any protection–the chaperone is the doctor’s employee and she looks out for their mutual interest. Even in cases where a state medical board mandates a chaperone as a result of a doctor’s sexual misconduct, the chaperone is not directed to intervene if misconduct occurs, but only to observe and report to the medical board.

If you’re seriously interested in studying the problem of sexual abuse by physicians, contact me by email and I’ll arrange to send you a DVD with nearly 4000 reports of physician sexual misconduct.

I have given my e-mail address, and I hope to get more information, which I will share with you, Dear Readers.  You have only to look at the news stories from my last post to see how large this shocking problem is across the country, how many stories have surfaced over the past year, and how depressingly weak the organization of the AMA and licensing boards’ stance is toward doctors who are sexual predators.  In Deleware alone, the infamous child abuser monster Dr. Earl Bradley, there were multiple instances of complaints and yet authorities had refused to investigate.

Notice when you read news stories about these doctors who abuse that they they get lesser sentences than other criminal cases of sexual predators.  Then, compare these institutional levels of ignorance, separate files of predators, and refusing to share information about abusive patterns with investigators to the Catholic Church cover-ups, the Boys Scouts of America cover-ups, and the overall institutional lack of response to complaints of sexual predation.  Unasked Advice for AMA:  Watch out, because the Vatican and Boys Scouts didn’t take action and have been held accountable at very high levels; AMA members may be in for the same treatment.

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