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Male Nesting: the Michigan Militia Way

May 11, 2010

“I carry, as part of my battle gear, a rifle and 290 rounds of ammo,” Lackomar said. “If I can use a knife, and fashion a bow, and use that to feed my family, I can save the ammo for dropping bad guys.

Nesting in the Michigan Militias may not sound the same as, say, painting a nursery pink or blue, but each of the men commenting on  Michigan Militias seem to be family men intent on protecting and providing for their own, and in a state with the highest unemployment and fewest resources from State governmental agencies, Michigan Militia men are moving to fill a void they think the US government has left.

Just this past week, a comment was left on one of my posts about the Hutaree movement possibly being a religious right movement gone too far, and a Mark Potok with an address at left this comment on my blog page:

Well, too bad the only “evidence” they were going to do anything comes from an agent provocateur. Someone who is paid to start trouble, spread lies and create havoc.

The only “source” of this disinfo comes from the media and government both of whom cannot be trusted with the smallest amount of truth. Hell, they outright lie all the time.

How guilty was Richard Jewel in the end? July4thpatriot? Etc.

Hutaree were working with the police a week prior to all this and were commeneded for their help. The next week there is a huge conspiracy planned to attack cops at a funeral???? Come on. Are people that gullible? Especially since the government attacked these people while they themselves were at a funeral!

They have picture on their site of 17 men (what about the women) all holding guns!!! Oh no!!! This can’t be allowed in Nazi Germany. Oh wait. This is America where the socialists have no right to infringe upon the freedoms of others.

Pure BS and propaganda.

Tomorrow it will be you!

So, I wrote back to Mr. Potok with the following questions:

Hi Mark,
What will “be me”? The attacks on civil rights? I understand that the media and government both offer misleading information, but I am not sure what you are protesting about. Hutaree was working with the police the week before? If this is true, then it definitely was not represented in mainstream media. Do you have articles in reference to this? I would certainly post them. If Hutaree was a relevant militant unit, whom do you think was responsible for the information leaked to the press about Hutaree members attacking funeral attendants? Who is the “they” to whom you refer and the agent provatcateur? The media? The government?

I have yet to receive a reply, but it seems as if Mr. Potok takes issue with the media’s representation of the Hutaree movement, perhaps takes issue with me.  I am not clear on this.  What is truly evident in these situations is the force behind the belief in the militia movement as necessary.  Mr. Potok’s comment is in reference to my post:Michigan Religious Group Set to Attack Police/ Anti-Christ Messages: “Christians” Gone Too Far?

It does seem though that our nation is moving more toward polar opposites, inflamed by both the right-wing Republicans and the very left-wing Democrats.  It seems that Obama can’t seem to find any middle ground, and neither can his opponents.  One has only to look at the situation in Arizona to see this situation playing out with State vs. Federal arguments, and yet unless one has ever lived in a border state (and I have), it’s difficult to imagine the effect of having hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in your state.

Meghan McCain, who grew up in Arizona has written to speak out about this clash between the government’s influence and the effects of real problems on American towns.  She begs us all to hate the law but not the people, which seems to be exactly what drives the militia groups, the laws that they feel violate rights of the American people, despite what the government proposes as law.

Ms. McCain quotes a friend of hers from Arizona who says that “wing nuts” are part of the problem there,

Thus far, I think that both Arizona legislation and the national media have done a poor job articulating the real problems with illegal immigration in Arizona. And like all things in this country, partisan politics is getting in the way of actually solving the problem in an effective manner. I emailed a good friend of mine who lives in Arizona and also works in politics to ask him what he thought of the law and he answered: “Arizona is ground zero for the wingnuts. There’s a problem with illegal immigration and no one wants to do anything constructive about it so you get crap like this.”

but fails to acknowledge the message that supposed “wing nuts” are saying, whether it’s a militia group or a group trying to protect themselves from what they see as the problem with illegal immigration, what militia groups see as the right to protect themselves, and the fears driven by health care reform bills.

What can health care reform bills have to do with militia groups, male nesting (to protect their young), and the crackdown on illegal immigrants?  It all comes down to the American’s view of how well the US governmental agencies are doing their jobs, and in the case of militias, Arizona reform, and men saying they need to defend their families with guns on the front porch, these groups feel that the government is failing miserably and see health care reform laws as proof of this failure.

Yahoo has run a news story on another militia group in Michigan, and the Yahoo story links militia movement with health care reform movement (which I must say is just health insurance reform, not real health care reform which would entail setting up a system of clarity regarding what practices cost and accountability for the almost 100,000 people who die each year at the hands of doctors and medical “professionals”), but this movement sees Obama’s health plan as evidence that the government is moving to a socialist state that fails to acknowledge the individual’s opinion or Constitutional rights (one can also just look at Michigan to find courts that routinely deny access to the poor based on their financial status).

The article does a good job of illustrating the history of militia movements:

The modern militia movement was stirred into action in large part by George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order” speech in 1990. The president’s rhetoric fed into longstanding fears among far right groups like the John Birch Society about internationalism and the United Nations.

The resurgence then was also boosted by deadly sieges involving federal law enforcement officers in Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas — events militia members viewed as examples of oppressive government force used against citizens.

Today, militia members and experts say a number of factors are driving the new surge:

* The 9/11 attacks, which revived the notion that citizens should defend the United States against threats.

* The 2001 Patriot Act, passed in the wake of 9/11, which stirred fears that the government would use enhanced powers against ordinary citizens.

* Anger at government failure to stop mass illegal immigration from Latin America.

* The recent recession, the worst since the 1930s.

* The election in 2008 of President Barack Obama. Many see Obama as a Socialist bent on growing government, raising taxes and confiscating guns; his status as the country’s first African American president exacerbated fears about him, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

* Healthcare reform, seen as exemplifying oppressive government power and intrusion — the contemporary version of a 1994 ban on assault weapons that enraged the right wing.

The extent to which healthcare reform is galvanizing the militia movement cannot be overstated. In more than a dozen conversations with militia members in recent weeks, the topic came up over and over again without prompting.

But, I think it also can’t be overstated that a large majority of the men involved in the militia movements believe they are protecting their families, from illegal immigrants, from governmental control, from “bad guys,” from failing at survivalist living, all extreme examples of their belief in the failure of the federal government, a belief they feel means they need to prepare for the fall-out.

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