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Mark Souder “Defined by being an Evangelical Christian” RESIGNS Over Affair With Aide Tracy Jackson (VIDEO)

May 19, 2010

I am not terrifically impressed by any more Republican representatives talking about how he has cheated on his wife. Except, Souder does this differently. He openly takes responsibility for his infidelity and says that he refused to have his family at the press conference where he admits to an affair. I came away respecting this man, and even though I am not a Republican-focused person, I have to respect this press announcement. Souder, you’d have my vote, well, if I lived outside of Michigan, and if you weren’t resigning, because I think that a man who refuses to drag his wife through the mud to save his political career after making his own mistakes deserves some confidence. This is worth watching. Thanks, Mark Souder, from all of us women watching the other politicians make their wives stand there while they admit to sleeping with other women, we appreciated your approach.

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