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Michigan’s Miss USA Won A Pole-Dancing Contest–So What?

May 20, 2010

I don’t know what it is about the Miss USA pageant, but when it comes to strippers or exotic dancers, they sure do know how to pick ’em.  In fact, this is one of the few contests I know about to so routinely pick up exotic dancers, models, etc. that it’s now hit the comedy circuit.

But, so what if she won a pole dancing contest?  Rima Fakih was first in the spotlight as the first Arab-American woman to be crowned Miss America, and now she is in the spotlight because some doofus radio show unearthed photos of her pole dancing and, of course, flashed them all for everyone to see. Any show named Mojo in the Morning would be suspect in my book anyway, because who the hell is interested in Mojo in the morning when we are trying to get ready for work anyway, but after listing Rima as listener of the show, they put out the pole dancing photos.  Mojo In The Morning, while just a statement with TMI, has rewarded this listener by ruining her future.  Might we all be so lucky.

Now Mojo In The Morning, treating such an avid listener with the great respect only Mojo can offer, has put the photos on the website and endangered Miss Rima Fakih’s crown.  Great job, Guys, way to kiss and tell.  Think your Mojo is going to get action after that?  Well, apparently they have had action, so much that they have become defensive about it:

CNN called them “racy photos.” TMZ made it sound like Girls Gone Wild. Within hours of Dearborn resident Rima Fakih winning the Miss USA pageant, hundreds of media outlets across the globe were combing the Mojo In The Morning website to steal our photos of the beauty pageant winner at our “Stripper 101” contest. Three years ago, Fakih attended our annual event in which adult entertainers teach our listeners new moves to spice up their romance at home. The class is for women only and the women do not remove their clothes. But that didn’t stop FOX News, The New York Post and Access Hollywood from calling Fakih a “former stripper” and suggesting that she may lose the crown for her “scandalous past.”

Rima Fakih participated in a women's-only competition, spied upon and published by Mojo In The Morning

Nothing says class like using a women’s only competition for men’s entertainment, right?  Nothing else says class like posting that on-line.  Come on, Guys, do you post photos of your girlfriend that you’ve secretly taken while she was walking up the stairs in a skirt?  The publication of these photos isn’t just pervy, it’s a nasty attempt to make money off of an event that was supposed to a women’s only scenario.

Mojo In The Morning: Congrats!  For posting pervy photos for your own gain at Ms. Rima’s expense, you won the Asshole of the Week Award.

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