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How Many Strippers Have to Die Before the Mayor Goes to Jail?Former Detroit Mayor Sentenced to 5 Years In Prison

May 25, 2010

Some say it’s fate.  Others say it’s racism.  Still others wonder how such a corrupt individual managed to evade the law this long.  Most people in Michigan really aren’t surprised though that former Detroit mayor, and son of Marilyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, friend to Republican gubernatorial incumbent being investigated by the FBI Mike Cox, adulterer, and now sentenced Kwame Kilpatrick will spend time in prison.

“Your testimony in this court amounted to perjury,” the judge told Kilpatrick. “Most compelling is that you lied to this court, continue to lie, after you pleaded guilty to lying….

“The initial 120 days incarceration did nothing to rehabilitate you.”

After the gasp from the audience, Kilpatrick was ordered to sign papers. Some reporters saw his hands shaking. Groner asked Kilpatrick’s lawyer, Schwartz, to assist the former mayor.

As the courtroom began to buzz, Groner raised his voice and ordered Kilpatrick to be swift.

“Sergeant could you secure the defendant please and put him in the back?” Groner said. A deputy then handcuffed Kilpatrick behind his back and led him to a side room. The former mayor kept looking over his shoulder, mouthing words toward his sister.

His attorneys vowed an immediate appeal of Groner’s sentence…

Judge reminds Kilpatrick of crimes

10:21 a.m. | Groner is reminding Kilpatrick of the crimes he has committed. He lied under oath about his affair with his chief of staff, about the firing of a deputy chief, authorized a secret settlement with $8.4 million in taxpayer money and then violated his probation.

“This entire proceeding was precipitated by the actions of you, Mr. Kilpatrick,” Groner says.

Groner says Kilpatrick at every turn tried to thwart attempts to figure out how much money he had to pay restitution to the City of Detroit.

(“With the exception of what Your Honor Found… video link)

Although Kilpatrick has also lost his job, the prison sentence was rather quickly commuted to serving a mandatory year and a half, as opposed to the 5 years sentencing, and Kilpatrick has to stay out of politics for a measly 5 years.  While Yahoo reports suggest a judge that was less than lenient, others of us wonder how someone gets to take a million from the City of Detroit and not be sentenced to prison to begin with:

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to up to five years in prison Tuesday for violating the terms of his probation stemming from his conviction for lying under oath about an affair with his chief of staff.

Kilpatrick, 39, asked Judge David Groner to show him compassion during the hearing, but Groner said “that ship has sailed.”

Kilpatrick was led from the courtroom in handcuffs.

At issue is $1 million Kilpatrick was ordered to pay the city after pleading guilty in 2008 to obstruction of justice. Groner ruled last month that Kilpatrick failed to report all of his assets and meet other conditions of his probation.

On Tuesday, he ordered Kilpatrick to serve at least one-and-a-half years in prison, but credited him with 120 days of time served from his original sentence. Kilpatrick is still obligated to pay back the remaining balance of his debt to the city, but to do that he’ll have to find a new job after he’s freed. Shortly after the sentencing, Compuware Corp. said that Kilpatrick has being fired from his job as a medical software salesman for its Dallas-based subsidiary, Covisint.

Groner scolded Kilpatrick for his lack of candor about his finances.

“Your continued attempt to cast yourself as the victim, your lack of forthrightness, your lack of contriteness and lack of humility … clearly rehabilitation has failed,” Groner told Kilpatrick.

Another day in Michigan, another corrupt government official.  And Judge Groner was surprised by Kwame’s lack of candor?  Kwame Kilpatrick?  The man who lied to federal investigators about his “party that never was,” the same man whose wife got to beat up a stripper without any consequences simply because her husband was looking?  Are we talking about the same guy that Mike Cox protected by impeding an investigation into the stripper’s subsequent murder?  No, Judge Groner, how could Kwame Kilpatrick lie?  I mean, who would believe that?

That’s like asking if Mike Cox lied to FBI investigators, hushed up police investigations, cheated on his wife.

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