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Another NOT-Mike-Cox-Fan for Michigan

May 26, 2010

Imagine my pleasant feeling of warmth to find another woman blogging about the indisputable slime surrounding Mike Cox’s political aspirations (see the posts I’ve written about Cox being investigated by the FBI).  Seems Mike Cox was angry about the FBI launching an investigation into his cover-up of a woman who was murdered after informing cops of Kwame’s woes, and now Mike Cox is ordering (begin drum roll for absurdity) an investigation of FBI tactics concerning the death of a Detroit imam who pulled out a gun to kill FBI officers.

Who knew that Michigan politics could include racial tensions, Middle Eastern tensions, buy-outs, court corruptions (see articles on buying the Michigan Supreme Court by Justice Corrigan and other links to campaign funding and favorable rulings for big companies that supported Michigan Supreme Court justices), FBI vs. State tensions, and corrupt law enforcement officials, sex scandals for both Mike Cox and Kwame Kilpatrick (both admit to adultery), and murders to boot?  Oh, it’s a real blast to be a part of Michigan politics, just waiting to hear when the next politician is going to offer assurances of hope for the State after bedding the automakers and racing to Washington for help.

But, I have found the blog of a woman named Debbie Schlussel, who adamantly opposes the latest snake oil sold under the Mike Cox label:

Several months ago, I told you about the FBI raid on a warehouse and the subsequent arrest and federal indictment of several mostly Black Muslims.  The whole operation was largely trumped up by lazy politically incorrect FBI brass who don’t want to go after the real, dangerous threat of Muslim Arabs in the Detroit area financing Hezbollah and–to some extent–HAMAS.

So, instead, the FBI rented the warehouse, infiltrated a Black mosque, and convinced the mosque’s Imam and his congregants to sell what they thought was stolen merchandise.  Yes, these were common thugs prone to crime, but they were not terrorists.  And, clearly, they were used by the FBI to protect its politically correct butt-kissing of the real extremist Muslim threat in Michigan.  And the ignorant public is fooled, thinking the FBI is going after Islamic terrorists, instead of some relatively harmless, though hateful, Black guys.

Still, during the raid, the imam, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a common criminal, pulled a gun on FBI agents, and they shot him.  He died.  The agents were defending themselves, and their behavior was completely justified.  But the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) needs something to whine about, so they are making a big deal out of it, demanding an “investigation” (translation:  a witch hunt).

And now, they’ve gotten one of their biggest panderers–Michigan Republican Attorney General and candidate for Governor Mike Cox–to waste tax dollars investigating FBI agents who were doing their job and engaged in legitimate, textbook self-defense.

Cox appointed a special prosecutor to conduct a witch hunt against the agents.  And he gave the guy, lawyer Doug Baker, a staff, state resources, and a budget.  Just how much?  Well, he’s not saying, and we don’t know.  But, while Michigan taxpayers and residents are hurting worse than in any state in the Union, Cox is wasting their tax money to get Muslim votes.  And it’s costly grandstanding with no teeth.  As a state official, Cox has no jurisdiction over the FBI, a federal agency, nor do he and his tax-funded special prosecutor have subpoena power over FBI documents and records.  It’s a complete fraud and an absurd, tax-paid extension of his shameless campaign for Governor.

No, you think?  Mike Cox’s snake oil investigation of the FBI is the equivalent of his suit against the federal government to protest the new health insurance policies. Nothing says freedom like the federal government mandating that people buy insurance simply for having a body, but then again nothing says competency like “investigating” an FBI raid by an official who has no jurisdiction to do so.

How’s it going Kwame?  Seen Mike Cox lately?

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