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Violence Against Women Given Little Context, Victims Blamed on Today Show: Pat Brown Receives Asshole of the Week Award

May 27, 2010

The National Organization for Women (NOW)’s Media Hall of Shame was awarded to the Today show for Pat Brown blaming of women for “rushing into” sleeping with a man who isn’t safe. So, now Pat Brown joins Trump as the morale compass of America? Isn’t it lovely the way Pat Brown implies abuse and death can be prevented by women, if they just stay away from bad men? Don’t you love the way Pat Brown frees up all men from ever taking abusive men to task, even those who commit murder? I mean really, isn’t it the dead woman’s fault anyway for getting killed because she had a relationship with a man who abused her as she tried to leave him? Friends report that the abuser was very violent after drinking, but no one mentioned it to any authority.  According to what Pat Brown says, men killing women don’t deserve the blame, silly guys, the women deserve to be blamed. For this biased and undeservedly stupid commentary by Pat Brown blaming a woman for her own murder, Pat Brown receives the Asshole of the Week Award.

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