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Chamber of Commerce Says Everybody Has to Clean Up BP’s Spill

June 11, 2010

In a broad statement worth repeating over and over while one sniggers at the stupidity of it, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce brainiac Tom Donahue has made the whole BP disaster something that every American needs to clean up after:

“It is generally not the practice of this country to change the laws after the game,” said Tom Donohue, the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “. . . Everybody is going to contribute to this clean up. We are all going to have to do it. We are going to have to get the money from the government and from the companies and we will figure out a way to do that.”

Huffington Post issued a scathing rejoinder:

Yes, now is the time for America to come together and demonstrate some communitarian pluck in response to the time that all of us collectively decided that BP should cut corners, blow up their oil rig, and cause a massive disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

But in comments worth of more snide laughter, another politician puts his foot in it, only to pick it up and smell on national news syndicates with his weekly “address” (read: deal with the shitstorm he has just created):

House Minority Leader John Boehner cosigns this call for collective responsibility:

In response to a question from TPMDC, House Minority Leader John Boehner said he believes taxpayers should help pick up the tab for the clean up.
“I think the people responsible in the oil spill–BP and the federal government–should take full responsibility for what’s happening there,” Boehner said at his weekly press conference this morning.

God save the stupid, or spare us all the trouble and take out the smart ones first.  Really, Boeher, that’s all you have to say about blaming BP? Don’t you just love it when politicians spend all your money?

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