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When Bob Etheridge Attacks–Rep. Etheridge Grabs Student

June 14, 2010

Sucks to be a student these days, especially a student on the street asking about Obama’s agenda.   Our decent hard-working government employee apparently feel the need to grab a student on the street and forcibly restrain him–oh, Bob Etheridge, your generation is ill-prepared for the internet.  At best, this video clip comes across as a compelling advertisement for a nursing home:  “You too no longer have to worry about your aged loved one accosting people on the street…”  At worst, Bob Etheridge looks guilty of old man assault, as the student repeatedly asks Etheridge to let go of his arm while the old man yells:  “Who are you?”  (Ah, sweet Arizona anyone?  Flashforwards maybe?)

Since this is such a juicy video, I can’t even get it to post through Vodpod.  You will have to do all the work of clicking on the link below:

When Bob Etheridge Attacks

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