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More Doctors and Sexual Abuse

June 30, 2010

I was directed to this information by a friend, and I think it bears repeating that doctors should not be above the law.  Doctors are human and therefore capable of committing crimes.  Here is one more example of sexual misconduct at the least, sexual assault at the worst by an physician working as an OB/GYN at a local hospital.  Golly gee, say the admin, what will we do now that our doctor has been found guilty of sexual misconduct?  How will we replace him:

MAQUOKETA, Iowa — A Maquoketa doctor has given up his license to practice medicine effective at the end of the month after a state board charged him with improperly dispensing controlled substances and having sex with two patients…

Koob practices family medicine at Maquoketa’s Medical Associates. He also was the Jackson County medical examiner for many years.

Koob agreed to surrender his Iowa medical license as of April 30. In March, before the state board’s April 15 announcement, Koob unexpectedly and without explanation announced he would retire by April 30. That put Jackson County Regional Medical Center in a bind, as Koob is the only doctor who delivers babies at the hospital. At the time, hospital officials did not know whether they would be able to attract another obstetrician or would be forced to close the department. Hospital Administrator Curt Coleman did not return calls Friday for an update on that situation.

I mean, what really are we to do when our local OB has been removed for sexual misconduct?  Those poor women will be without any form of abusive medical care?  What next?

What does it take for a doctor to be investigated?  My friend reported her complaints, in Michigan, to Gov. Granholm’s Office, to a Mr. Sump, to Granholm herself, to the Michigan Licensing Board, to the Michigan Department of Community Health, and was denied any investigation on the grounds that one reviewer, who didn’t have the whole file and never interviewed the patient, was in a teaching position and therefore was not questioned when he said, and I quote: “he didn’t believe any injury had occurred” simply by reading the doctor’s notes, even though the doctor caused a labial laceration during his “exam.”

What does it take to get the Michigan Licensing Board to do it’s job, or for that matter, Granholm’s office, Mr. Sump?  Yes, please tell…

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