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Add Wisconsin to the List of States Failing to Protect Women from Docs Who Commit Sexual Assault

July 5, 2010

Although this doctor’s license has been suspended, it sounds like too little too late for the women he abused while “practicing medicine”:

Kevin A. Lang is charged in Wood County Circuit Court with five counts of second-degree sexual assault. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 40 years in prison on each of the five counts.

Lang’s initial appearance in the case is scheduled for Sept. 7. He remains free on a $25,000 cash bond set Dec. 29 by Wood County Circuit Court Judge Todd Wolf.

Wood County District Attorney John Henkelmann said he did not file charges in December because he wanted to give any additional victims time to step forward. During Lang’s bond appearance, documents indicated there were three victims. Charges filed Tuesday indicate four victims.

Henkelmann also wanted to coordinate the appearances in the Lang case with the victims, who will be required to be present during the preliminary hearing. He said he filed charges and scheduled the initial appearance so that it would be the least disruptive to the victims’ lives.

According to the criminal complaint, Lang was a doctor at the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield when he placed his penis in several patients’ hands while they were under the influence of anesthesia. In one case, he also took the woman’s hand and forced her to touch herself inappropriately.

Two unidentified women filed civil cases against Lang in Wood County Circuit Court. On March 26, Attorney Paul J. Scoptur of Aiken & Scoptur, Milwaukee, filed a civil suit for “Jane Doe” against Lang, Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund and the Marshfield Clinic asking for unspecified damages.

People who commented on the blog roll underneath the posting for this article found the reports on this guy, who sounds like he has a past history of abusing patients, but the saddest part of this is that he has a history.  How many women must be abused before authorities are willing to investigate or suspend a doctor?

Check out the Wisconsin record for this guy and count them up:

Replying to Showby:It would be difficult to recall as most GI cases involve substantial amounts of IV narcotics and drugs that cause amnesia, but there could be blurry memories. Who really would think that their physician was doing something like this while they were recovering? He clearly sounds like a good doctor who REALLY cares for his patients, especially the unconscious ones. You can go to the WI Dept of Regulation & Licensing to see all his caring ideas.

Guess it takes more than one complaint.  Note to all women:  if you’re the first to complain about a doctor in the following states:  Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York, chances are you will be ignored until at least 4-5 more women are injured, and then maybe someone will investigate, but rest assured that these guys will get to continue to practice while complaints are filed….

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