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Illinois Medical Licensing Board Fails Women: Doctor Originally Suspended for 9 Months Rapes 8-Months Pregnant Patient On Exam Table

July 5, 2010

The Illinois Medical Licensing Board failed to more than slap a sexually abusive gynecologist on the wrist, suspending his license for a mere 9 months after women reported sexual misconduct, and this man went on to violently rape an 8-month pregnant woman on his exam table:

As he raped her, Smith held the eight-month pregnant woman down with his hands around her legs while she lay half naked waiting for an exam in his office in the 2300 block of East 93rd Street, Milleville said.

Right after, Smith got up and started reading her medical charts, Milleville said.

The woman grabbed her belongings and left, and as she was walking out, Smith grabbed the white sheet she had been lying on, Milleville said. The woman reported the incident to police immediately.

Smith’s medical license was suspended for nine months in 2009 after several women came forward, accusing him of sexual misconduct.

This man had a history of prior reports of abuse that even the police didn’t take seriously until he forcibly raped a pregnant woman:

Assistant State’s Attorney Shauna Boliker Andrews admitted “mistakes were made,” explaining why a DNA sample was not taken from Smith immediately after the woman reported the attack to police. But she said prosecutors had always been involved in a “continuing investigation.”

Other women accused Smith of sexual misconduct a few years ago, but no charges were ever filed until this week.

This reminds me strongly of the recent reports that indicate New York police officers, mainly male, treat rape reports and reports of sexual assault way too lightly, saying that they don’t have the “specialists” to handle these complaints.

Call me naive, but women routinely believe that reporting accounts of sexual assault is what they are supposed to do, unless a physician is involved?  Or maybe unless the cops don’t believe them?  For my friend whose pelvic exam resulted in physical injury, note even the Michigan Licensing Board would investigate complaints of sexual misconduct.  So what’s a woman to do?

Well, apparently in Illinois, it means that a pregnant woman was violently raped, because this doctor was not stopped.  In New York, it means that you better hope you get a “specialist” in the field of law enforcement, and hope budget cuts don’t get in the way of that.  In Michigan, it may just mean that there is no help for the injured woman–check out the continuing investigation of Michigan’s Attorney General by the FBI for calling off investigations into a stripper’s murder when the former Detroit mayor was involved. (FBI investigations concerning Mike Cox, but no worries, the Republican party is allowing Mike Cox to run on their ticket for Michigan governor in this fall’s race…)  The Michigan Licensing Board, which should have been investigated for failing to take action on complaints of inappropriate physician actions should have been investigated by, you guessed it, Michigan’s Attorney General, who has as you might have surmised, refused to investigate the Michigan Licensing Board at all.  Oh what a wicked web…

The doctor who raped this woman has a past criminal history:

A Chicago gynecologist pleaded not guilty Friday to charges alleging he sexually assaulted a patient who was eight months pregnant at the time of the attack eight years ago.

Dr. Bruce Sylvester Smith, 57, was charged with the Aug. 2, 2002, assault after tests showed his DNA matched a sample taken from the woman, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Annette Milleville said during bond proceedings last month. Smith had delivered one of the woman’s other children…

Smith, of the 500 block of West Cullerton, was previously arrested in Hartford, Conn., in 1972 for robbery. Eight years later he was arrested for issuing bad checks, Milleville said.

But why let that bother investigators?  Why indeed?  Apparently Illinois departments just wait until women are raped…

Comments on the article posted by Fox News indicate women are spooked, but until there is a method of investigation that protects and honors women, it appears that in states like Illinois, Michigan and New York, women will continue to be assaulted not only by sexual predators, but by their State employees when women report the crimes as well.

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