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Sarah Palin and Cohorts: Mama Grizzlies in the White House, Newest Campaign Video

July 15, 2010

I want Sarah Palin’s public relations’ teams to work for me.  This is pure genius.  She exhorts women to be powerful, identifies with a powerful icon that even men would be afraid of:  the mama grizzly, and she also does it in such a way that most men can’t argue–who could argue with a mother’s instinct?  Sarah Palin’s bit of genius is that she ignores logic, and she offers a winning rejoinder that can’t be argued and is therefore irrefutable.  What male politician, or female politician is going to argue against a mother’s instinct?  It’s a no-win argument, which makes Palin’s position that much stronger.  Bravo Sarah Palin–I still don’t want a mama grizzly in the White House, but you managed to tap into the female disillusionment of male government with a ploy to the kids not the men, and we all know that mamas don’t mess around.

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