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Whoopi Goldberg Defends Gibson or Herself in Angry Tirade? Gosh, Wonder Why They’re “Friends”

July 16, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg RantsWhoopi Goldberg seems a bit like Tom Cruise in the Oprah couch jumping episode in emotional intensity here:  she seems to have gone off her rocker, mocking racist tendencies by saying she yells at whomever she sees whenever someone cuts her off (which puts her up there with racists who do what?  lynchings? hate crimes? or just yelling in her car at other people?), and then calls her “callers” names like “pieces of dog doo,” or something similar.  Joy B., who unfortunately is rarely at a loss for nasty words, is silent through this tirade, while looking like she stepped in the dog shit  contributed by people who called Whoopi’s office and yelled at her assistant.

So my question to Whoopi is:  Whoopi, why don’t you answer your own damn phone?  If you make racist comments, other people may suffer, including your staff. It’s called being responsible with your mouth and media presence, but of course, if you are talking like this, perhaps that concept is beyond you? Seriously, Whoopi, you are out of line in calling yourself a racist when people have died as a result of racist emotions and actions, nowhere on par with you sitting in the car, even as a black woman, yelling at people who cut you off.  That’s called road rage, or angry black woman, not the example of a racist, whom you might consider not mocking on national television, as this ugliness has resulted in people dying.  Just because you are a black woman does not make you expert on all things or people who are racists, as evidenced by your angry tirade.  If you don’t like the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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