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Men Comment on Sexually Abusive Doctors: From the Mailbag

July 20, 2010

“Ken” has this to say about male doctors sexually abusing patients and my comparison to the medical profession’s cover-up of these activities in comparison with the Catholic Church, which had not had to be held legally accountable for so many years:

C’mon people out there, especially females, let’s keep it real. Remember the Catholic church sexual abuse scandal…[ Priests] put in a position of trust, sexually abusing thousands of children and yet it wasn’t reported and covered up for years. Well, if you think that was bad, the sexual abuses of the medical profession today would make that small potatoes. All men [ and women ] have 3 basic primordial chemical uncontrollable drives. They are food [ hungry enough you’ll eat anything to survive….insects, even dead bodies, water….thirsty enough, you’ll drink salt water, piss, anything to survive. The sex drive is in this category and just as powerful. The only profession that allows men to legally have access to attractive [ notice I said attractive ] unclothed females of any age are doctors, male nurses, and non doctor emergency medical people like paramedics. These medical people who are moral and ethical, are truly a blessing to the human race, and you know who you are. However, as you read these words right now, thousands of women are being given over zealous unnecessary examinations for sexual arousal and curiosity of the medical profession by intimidation in the examining room when a nurse isn’t present. Women don’t press charges because of reliving the experience again in the court room. Male nurses, the ones who are sexual predators, stay away from our teenage girls who are scared and terrified in a medical setting for the first time. If it’s not an emergency how dare you think she should spread her legs for a catherization when there are female nurses around. It’s not about you it’s about the patient. If I came into a hospital to visit my daughter and found a male nurse bathing her with the curtains closed around them, I’m going to jail for a while but that nurse will never recover from his injuries, nor will the paramedic that takes pictures while alone in the back of an ambulance of unconscious females, or morticians who have sex with dead bodies before they are injected with formaldahide. Before you tell me I’m an alarmist check all these abuses on the internet.All men including medical people, have sex quirks, sex fetishes and sex fantasies and use their position of trust to explore them on females because there is no watch dog. Simply put, ladies,there are plenty of excellent female doctors out there for females.

I wrote back to “Ken” and thanked him for his commentary:

You are not the first man who has mentioned these things, and it’s actually been men speaking up much more frequently than women. Women tend to be embarrassed and ashamed when they feel there has be a sexual arousal, abuse, commentary, action, etc. during a medical appointment. Men are much more up front about these sorts of things, and it’s refreshing to hear so many men speaking out. We appreciate it.

The problem here in Michigan is that the Michigan Licensing Board refuses to investigate women’s complaints of sexual misconduct by physicians, without talking with the women involved. THE MICHIGAN LICENSING BOARD READS A DOCTOR’S NOTES TO DETERMINE IF SEXUAL ABUSE OCCURRED; in other words, never lets the women/children speak, never interviews the alleged victims, and just goes by the doctors’ commentary. I don’t know of any other professional organization that is allowed to simply ask the abuser if he abused someone and then drop the investigation based on that testimony, but that’s what has happened in Michigan.

And Ken, we do thank you!

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