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Mike Cox Gets A Lap Dance At Kwame Kilpatrick’s Party? And Kwame’s Mother Speaks Out As She Campaigns

July 29, 2010

While Mike Cox, himself, admitted to adultery a few years back, he never admitted to receiving a lap dance at Kwame Kilpatrick’s alleged party at the Manoogian Mansion.  You know, the one where Kwame’s wife supposedly didn’t hit the stripper, Tamara Greene, but the stripper was treated in the ER for an assault.  Then the stripper is murdered and the State Police have alleged that information relating to the murder was destroyed under Mike Cox’s direction.

Well, now a man with a storied criminal history states that he saw Mike Cox at Kwame’s party and Mike Cox was receiving a lap dance:

But sworn testimony by a Dearborn man, Wilson Kay, claims he was at the party and saw Cox there.

“I attended a party at the Manoogian Mansion in Detroit, Michigan, in 2002, at which I witnessed Kwame Kilpatrick, Bernard Kilpatrick, and Mike Cox in attendance … Myself and others at my motorcycle club were hired to work security at the party,” the affidavit reads.

There are also statements that read Kay saw exotic dancers performing lap dances.

“I witnessed female exotic dancers present at the party who were performing for various persons in attendance, including Kwame Kilpatrick … I saw Mike Cox getting a lap dance from one of the female exotic dancers while he was present at the party,” a line reads.

Kay’s testimony also states he saw Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita, arrive to the party unannounced and assault Greene.

“During the party, Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, arrived unexpectedly and observed Tamara Greene performing a lap dance on Kwame Kilpatrick … I then saw Carlita Kilpatrick punch Tamara Greene, causing Tamara Greene to fall onto a coffee table and to break the coffee table. Carlita Kilpatrick then grabbed a table leg from the broken coffee table and struck Tamara Greene once with the wooden table leg.”

While damage control for the Cox camp includes publishing the criminal record of this man who can place Cox at Kwame’s party getting a lap dance, other officials have stated that they believe a party did take place the Manoogian Mansion, that strippers were there, that one of the strippers was assaulted by Kwame’s wife, and that this stripper was later murdered.  Is it so hard to believe then that Mike Cox could have been there getting a lap dance?  Mike Cox has been stating he did nothing wrong in the murder investigation regarding the woman who could have placed him at the party, outside of not issue subpoenas to investigate.   Local 4 Defender, a media outlet, published information that led to more investigations, and now State Police officers say that Cox interfered in the murder investigation, and one officer who was demoted for investigating the murder already received a settlement for being demoted.  It seems that this man, has no more reason to lie than any official involved. The witness has received death threats for this involvement.

Here is a video with the information.  Local 4 Defender does a good job with this one.  Notice that Mike Cox says that with people losing jobs in Michigan, why should we focus on this?  It really doesn’t matter what Cox thinks, more about what voters think.  Also stay tuned for the message from Kwame’s mother, Marilyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, also campaigning:

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