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Kwame’s Mommy Got Defeated: Going Down With the Kennedy’s?

August 4, 2010

Okay, call me sick for gloating that Marilyn Cheeks Kilpatrick lost in the primaries in Michigan’s last elections, because I shouldn’t gloat for the losers, right?  I should be happy that Mike Cox was defeated, and I should feel bad for Cheeks Kilpatrick that her son is in jail, her daughter-in-law is being investigated, and Cheeks Kilpatrick has had to respond to deposition requests, meaning her life has spun out of control.  I should feel bad, but I don’t.  I am glad to be rid of that big smear on Detroit, from Kwame, to his Mommy to Good Ole Boys’ Wife-Cheating Member Mike Cox.  So, call me sick and twisted, and we’ll gloat together over drinks, okay?

I was on Ms. Debbie Schlussel’s site again, feeding my mean beast with a flood of goodwill, when I came across her post: ” Buh-Bye Kwame’s Mommy,” and just started laughing.   I can’t help it.  She has a video post of Kwame’s Mommy exhorting Detroiters to “help ya’alls boy,” or some such nonsense, and since then has been nothing but a sad excuse for an erstwhile mother defending her incarcerated son.  She became the stereotypical ethnic mommy figure who defended her son even on his way down and in the middle of a murder investigation–not good for politics.  It’s that whole “mommy” bit, where she is a mother before any kind of politician that did her in.  She ought to take her cues from Hilary, who won’t even admit to liking her husband most days, much less taught her kids’ virtues (as seen on the last campaign trail where Chelsea stumped for Mama, but no Mama stumping for Chelsea).  Then again though, who knows how helpful Hilary’s stumping might be, because most people find her offensive.  We should give her credit for taking a kick-ass job, even if she lost out to someone as lame as Biden, but still, it’s better than Bill Clinton’s current job/job ending, and someone needs to pay for the bacon, no?

Okay, back to Michigan though, and the latest round of elections, engrossing videos by Cheeks Kilpatrick and Mike Cox, and all the other dweebs who ran.  Pete Hoekstra lost, but perhaps not buying his own domain name and letting someone else buy it and publish his mistakes didn’t help.  Andy Dillon lost, and while he was more compelling to look at than Bernero (whose television ad looked to me like an ad for mouth breathing), he certainly seemed to be swung out by “sending jobs out of Michigan.”  Not that any one person is responsible for the brain drain and glut of good jobs, as if there were lots here to begin with anyway.  (Cue the reels of quotes: “X hundred jobs left Michigan…” and the poor suckers here weep thinking that it was their job that left instead of a national economy tanking, but we all here in Michigan never wanted to believe the auto industry would go under anyway, so the recession must be about us, right???) So Dillon is out, and now according to Schlussel, a bigger threat is in.

Who is the bigger threat to Michigan, now that we have the Kilpatrick family behind bars and away from the television cameras, with Mike Cox being federally investigated for a possible role in destroying murder evidence?  Well, many fear that Muslim turned Catholic man is a danger to Michigan safety:

The candidate who defeated “Yallz boy’s” mother in today’s election is a radical who will likely be no less radical and extreme in his votes than she was in hers. It’s just that he’s dull and won’t entertain us with fun, shrieking videos. Damn. And, moreover, State Senator Hansen Clarke is the son of a Bangladeshi Muslim alien and was raised Muslim. He did convert to Catholicism, but his loyalties lie with Muslims and radicals (same diff).  He’s traveled to extremist Bangladesh and gushed over the radical locals, whom he sees as his people.  Remember, this is the country that is putting our friend Salah Uddin Shoiab Choudhury on trial for the death penalty because he said he thought Muslims should make peace with Israel and the Jews.

Hmm, Hansen Clarke, a former Muslim?  It remains to be seen how well he will move forward with a Muslim agenda, because Kwame’s Mommy was accused of having one too.  I had the unfortunate experience of trying to contact Kwame’s Mommy, before I realized the unfortunate progeny of her uterus was under federal investigation, mistakenly believing that Michigan’s denial of court access to the poor would arouse her interest in civil rights of the poor of Detroit.  Wrong, Cheeks Kilpatrick wasn’t interested in the least, too busy telling people to watch out for her boy.  So, will Hansen Clarke follow in the same footsteps, or create bigger blunders?  I suppose only time will tell.  What is the real story on this guy?  Anyone, anyone?

Goodbye Kilpatrick Family, and good riddance.

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