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Debbie Schlussel Thinks Periods Will Affect the Navy? Is Schlussel Asking for Navy Service Members to Stop Having Kids?

August 11, 2010

Well, normally I indulge my sadistic streak by reading Debbie Schlussel’s blog, because who else says male-loving-woman-bashing better than Debbie?  Who can tell with her posts, but even I have trouble believing that women having periods aboard a Navy ship will shut down the military as Schlussel claims will happen as a result of Obama “letting women serve in submarines:”

Remember, during the Gulf War, when many single female soldiers serving on a Naval supply ship–I believe it was the U.S.S. Ted Kennedy Letterman, I mean the Acadia–got pregnant?  Yup, 36 chicks got pregnant on that ship, and all of ‘em had to be shipped home at taxpayer expense.  And that was in 1991.  In the 18 years since, women are even sluttier and people are far more promiscuous.

Serving on a sub means serving in quarters so much tinier than a ship and doing so for prolonged periods of time submerged. Women in such close quarters can only pose a problem. This isn’t about equal rights or addressing alleged “sexism.” It’s about lots of periods and pregnancies that are both going to occur because the Obamaniks made this stupid move. It’s just human nature that these problems will happen.  Moreover, it’s unsanitary, unhealthy, and socially stunting. Does America really need to put women in sardine cans under the sea to prove they have equal opportunity?

Oh, thank goodness Schlussel objectified the pregnant women as “chicks,” and further got angry because we taxpayers might have to pay for the “gift” of more soldiers born while women serve in the military, because for a minute there, I was afraid that Schlussel might have been more in favor of branding these women with a red letter for getting pregnant, as we all recognized that “women have gotten sluttier,” right?  Fact regarding the number of women children bear will most certainly bear out Schlussel’s, assumption, won’t they?  Oh, maybe not?  Good try, Schlussel, but I can’t think of a better time for taxpayers to pay for a woman’s pregnancy than when she is serving as a U.S. soldier, but then again, I am not offended when women get pregnant, nor offended when our Navy service people have children together.

Does Schlussel advocate that men and women serving their country shouldn’t have kids, shouldn’t have kids while serving their country, or is it that only women shouldn’t have kids?  Then again, if women don’t have them, who will?  Strange logic she espouses, that along with the terrifying concept of having a period on a submarine.  I suppose it might be more cumbersome to have a period in a space shuttle, if we are to go along with this weird concept of period fear fest.  Then again though, women need not have a period at all, if they so choose, because there is medication to prevent it, and plenty of women use it.

Please, please don’t tell me Schlussel is going to make herself irrelevant by being one of those women who complains about a period.  For each woman who complains like that, I want to barf.  Men don’t complain when they fart, and that’s much more offensive than a woman’s period, but plenty of women feel the need to bemoan a period for the sake of railing against their biology.  It’s useless, rather pointed female-based attack simply seems the mark of a person not acquainted with the futility of complaining about a bodily function like burping, “how inconvenient,” or peeing, “how squatty,” so why not complain about a period?  Well, Schlussel offers no explanation, besides her generalized complaint.

I am no stranger to the cramps bit, nor the fatigue, but it seems strange to say that somehow I hate this biology simply because it doesn’t fit my lifestyle or is somehow grosser than a guy’s say smelly ball sack.  I mean, we don’t walk around bemoaning the smell of a man’s testicles, nor do we cite a man’s prostate as a reason for him to not be on a sub because somehow women would have to deal with it, so why complain about the uterus?  Plenty of men have prostate issues, testicular issues, hernias, etc., but we don’t cite them as reasons of difference from the female body as proof that men are more of a pain in the ass biologically than women.  Unless, of course, we are Schlussel, who just might think it’s biologically simpler to be a man because she isn’t one.

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