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Is Sarah Palin To Blame for the Arizona Shooting?

January 11, 2011
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Sarah Palin’s supporters have been rallying around her, including Glenn Beck, as the nation reacts to the shooting of an Arizona congresswoman.  Glenn Beck, in his idiotic mediocrity, states that if Sarah Palin gets shot too (big leap he is making, but no matter for this quasi-political commentator), then the whole Republic will “collapse.”  Others are complaining that Sarah Palin’s style of using gun imagery to depict those who serve our country politically is essentially irresponsible, while aides are quick to defend Ms. Palin:

“I don’t understand how anybody could be held responsible for somebody who is completely mentally unstable like this. Where I come from the person that is actually shooting is the one that’s culpable,” Mansour said, speculating that the shooter is a paranoid schizophrenic. “It seems that the people that knew him said that he was left-wing and very liberal — but that is not to say that I am blaming the left.”

“I never went out and blamed Al Gore or any environmentalist for the crazy insane person who went to shoot up the Discovery Channel,” she said.

Even Barbara Walters, unfortunately ignorant as she is (and not quiet about it either), “feels bad for Sarah.”

Sarah Palin somehow becomes the victim in this scenario, instead of Gabrielle Gifford and a 9-year old girl who was shot and killed, among others injured/killed.  How did this happen?  How is Sarah Palin the center of attention in a case of another woman being shot and fighting for her life?  And that woman, Gabrielle Gifford was actively holding office?

In a sheer sign of vanity, and once again an unforgivable stupidity begetting a criminal form of self-centered zeal, Sarah Palin has shifted the focus of attention to herself, rather than the poor woman fighting for her life and the little girl who died.

Is Sarah Palin responsible for a man going on a killing spree?  Well, seeing as how he is an adult and wasn’t paid by Palin to do so, one could assume that he acted on his own.  Is Sarah Palin responsible for using shooting and gun rhetoric to convey what appears to be her dislike for members of Congress?  Yes.  Is this appropriate?  No.  Does that seem to stop her?  No.  But, this is also what happens when a nation starts publicizing a woman who calls herself a grizzly, a pitbull, and emphasizes using emblems of force to get what she wants, all while crying that she “hates violence. ”  For a woman who supposedly hates violence, why the gun imagery?  The attack imagery, the attacks on other politicians, political pundits, even television commentators?  Why would Sarah Palin use these images at all?

Blaming Sarah Palin might be like blaming the grizzly that attacks people:  an animal does what an animal does?  When cornered, animals attack?  Granted, I am not saying Ms. Palin is an animal, I am just referencing the manner in which she refers to herself, but if anything, this is a definite reason that logic should come into play in politics and world leaders, at some point.

Hating violence obviously did nothing to prevent it, nor to prevent Palin from transferring all the attention to herself.  Hey, didn’t this happen before?

Judging by reader comments on Yahoo, there is not much overall sympathy for Palin or Beck:

According to “Roger,” Palin is worthless:

Palin is a domestic terrorist and a danger to our national security. Palin as a politician is a failure in her job as governor of Alaska. She could not take the heat and quit in the middle of her term. When a person like this gains traction due to the ignorance of those that follow her it gives fuel to her rants about others. That is all she really has is the persecution of others. She is worthless to the American people and this will eventually catch up with Palin as people learn who the real Sara Palin is. A worthless huckset riding on the back of the ignorant.

According to an unnamed commentator, we Americans would all be better off if Beck and Palin faded from the pundit spotlight:

The best thing that could happen to this country is the retirement from public life by Beck and Palin. Retirement – as in take their millions, move to the country, and go fishing. Don’t write books, don’t go on radio or TV, and don’t express any more vitriolic opinions on American media. You’ve got enough money. Shut up and stop inciting hatred in order to make a buck.

Adding in that bit about how they incite hatred to make money is an especially biting dig.  Comments by “Gernburg,” evidence the same sort of feeling, expanding the idea that Beck and Rupert Murdoch use hate-mongering to make money:

Glenn Beck is a hate and fear monger, that’s it. He’s not bright and he doesn’t understand how the world works beyond his childish understanding of it. He uses violent and hate-based imagery constantly in an attempt to literally nurture hatred.

He really should be pulled off the air.

Why is a foreign billionaire (Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX) allowed to run a fake news station (FOX News) that is ripping our country apart. This guy’s only intention is to increase his billions by brainwashing vulnerable minds into voting for the political party that help billionaires get richer at the expense of the middle-class.

Why do we let this foreigner control our political beliefs???

I bet most FOX viewers don’t even know the owner of the station, and the major force behind the political views espoused there, isn’t even an American. Rupert Murdoch DOES NOT want to help this country, he runs FOX and the hatred they spew to help himself at our expense.

While there may be some solid supporters of Palin, the majority of the public sounds as if they are sick of the violent rhetoric, no matter from whom it spews.

In their defense, both Beck and Sarah Palin are seriously undereducated, and are they both being used by larger forces to make money off of their ignorance?  The Republican party shies away from Palin unless it’s to make money off of her, and I have yet to find a spot in which Rupert Murdoch states that he agrees with Glenn Beck’s views, but the money keeps rolling in.

Sarah Palin may not be to blame, but she sure is taking some heat for her incendiary style.  Hmm, she got the heat, but now it’s directed at her.  What’s next?

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