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Facebook Bans Breastfeeding: Mark Zuckerburg Receives Asshole of the Week Award

January 26, 2011
A mother breastfeeding a child at Zanzibar
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Yep, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerburg apparently views breastfeeding photos on its site as pornography.  Too true, that the site is run by a man.  Too true that men often sexualize a woman’s body without her consent (as in lumping breastfeeding infants in with pornography), but it’s also true that women are generally angry about this.  In fact, many bloggers have spoken out about this issue, but I thought it important to point out that others demonize breastfeeding as well.  Mark Zuckerburg is not alone in his purported viewpoint of breastfeeding mothers as sexual objects, nor is he alone in banning breastfeeding mothers from his space, and even though this is a bit delayed, he still deserves the Asshole of the Week Award.  Congratulations Mark Zuckerburg for objectifying breastfeeding mothers as sexual objects and banning them from your site.  How gratifying to know that you have stayed behind in the Stone Age.  Oh, wait, breastfeeding is what got us to this age; bottles are a new invention, albeit one filled with BPA and other hormones, but whatever, right Mark?  Let’s be P.C. shall we, and just ban photos of breastfeeding moms like the rest of the brute herd? Never mind that its mothers who got you here, or mothers who will produce and raise your consumers and users, a mother who put you on this earth, but banning seems like a form of mutual respect to you?  Well, hope your mother is proud of you for your business prospects and your win of the week:  Mark Zuckerburg, Asshole of the Week for likening breastfeeding to porn.  Way to go Mark!


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