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Democracy Requires Voting Rights: Michiganders Start Protesting with Facebook Rally

March 14, 2011
Michigan's State Capitol in Lansing

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The problem with the bill is not that it has no limits, but that it removes the Constitutional rights of the people to elect their leaders. Any time this happens, it’s a Constitutional violation, even if it supposedly “doesn’t happen very often.” Not happening very often doesn’t change its status as violation of the right to elect our leaders, the whole founding principal of this country. It’s what separated us from the monarchy. Having a king, “just once” is still having a king, and therefore not part of the democratic process. Having a king, even for a day, or in case of an emergency, is like saying it’s okay to have king if a government is without enough funds. A king is still a king, and a democracy is only a democracy if people get to elect their leaders. The U.S. fought for this in the Revolutionary War, and more recently fought for other people, namely Iraqis, to have this right just a few years ago.-Brokeharvardgrad

This response from me was posted on a blog in which some comments were arguing that this type of oversight, related to overseer, was “allowed” if it wasn’t done often.  Protests have already begun in Michigan’s capitol, Lansing, MI.

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