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Michigan Governor and Legislators Enact “Financial Slavery” Legislation

March 14, 2011
The Republican Party encourages every form of ...

Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr

It’s crazy, isn’t it, that in this whole Republican sweep our country is moving more and more toward governmental control that the Republicans say they love to hate.  Governmental control of unions in other states, governmental control now of all city and municipal finances is going to be handed to appointed “managers” a.k.a. overseers of us “little people” a.k.a. the voting public.

Michigan “martial law” is not truly martial law, because there is no military, it’s more like slavery.  Michigan governments will now have “overseers” who will determine contracts with who completes what work and under what, if any pay guidelines.  Oh, thank goodness us poor proles will have our money and work doled out to us if we work hard enough under our owners, right?  I mean, it’s not like we pay exorbitant taxes  with not enough to live on or escape right?  Oh, wait, we do here in Michigan. Unfortunately, we are paying this overseers salary with our taxes.  Rick Snyder, and you Republican hacks, we will refuse to be overseen while you make money off the work of people in this state.

I understand the whole “cut pay=balanced budget” argument, in theory, except I don’t see any executives standing in classrooms dealing with everyone else’s brats, medications, illnesses, and the very dirty business of “equal education.”  So, where are all these funds coming from?  There is a direct correlation between putting money into our kids’ futures, in the form of competent teachers, which was the old rallying cry and paying for babysitting.  Budget cuts mean you get babysitters, not teachers.

Handing financial control over to managers, with no democratic input, in the form of say, voting rights, is the same as an overseer, because Rick Snyder and his co-horts do collect salaries based on our work and payments.


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