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Michigan Repub Jack Brandenburg Receives Asshole of the Week Award for Racist Martial Law Has Criminal Record

March 15, 2011

Jack Brandenburg (R), of Harrison Township, and Troy Rocca(R) of Sterling Heights, MI sponsored the initiative by a group of business-backed Old White Men to remove elected officials from office according to Governor Rick Snyder’s whims, focusing intently on poor Detroit suburbs.

Nothing says racist asshole like a white man telling black communities that they need to be taken over, “for their own good” because “they have no control.”  Oh yes, better hand that control over to the white man, right?

Republican Sens. Jack Brandenburg of Harrison Township and Tory Rocca of Sterling Heights supported the measure, while Democratic Sen. Steve Bieda of Warren was opposed.

Brandenburg said several urban areas of the state, especially Detroit, are in “bad shape” and will need a state-appointed emergency financial manager, or EMF, who can impose strong medicine.

“He has to have the backbone, he has to have the power, to null and void a contract,” Brandenburg said.

The senator also rejected claims by Democrats that the bill will destroy Michigan’s long history of local control by allowing the EMF to remove top administrators and elected officials, put millage increases on the ballot, lay off employees, slash services, and merge the city or school district with a neighboring government entity. Brandenburg said the EMFs will be deployed in communities that need “financial martial law.”

“Local control? I’ll tell you what, I think that in a lot of these places there is no control,” he said.

Oh, so are they saying now, and is the mainly white male Repub base of Michigan saying that the African American communities of Detroit can’t elect their own officials?  Yes, it sure sounds as if they are. It may not be a form of racial assault, but it sure as hell sounds like it.  To make matters worse, white Repubs in these districts are planning on challenging the voting rights of those in the African American communities hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis.

Notice that the communities already under the charge of state-appointed managers are mostly African American communities, and notice that none of these school districts has improved drastically since the State took control:

Only Pontiac, Benton Harbor, Ecorse and the Detroit Public Schools have state-appointed emergency financial managers in place. But many more communities and schools might soon fall under the jurisdiction of the revised law. The state is training dozens of people with a background in municipal finance to certify them as a qualified EMF.

Even the article I quote here has a tone of supporting the Republicans, by saying Detroit needs things like “strong medicine” and saying things like “Only” these schools have state-appointed EMF right now.  But the author of this article fails to question how the state is “training” people to certify them as “qualified EMF.” Who determines whom is qualified individual, and it’s going to be policed by Congress, dominated by white male Republicans?

Interestingly enough, I have found articles in which it was reported that Jack Brandenburg, the same one who says that Detroit “has no control” has been accused of vulgar language,

Speaking last week on the “Two Guys Named Joe” podcast, Gratz explained that Brandenburg is claiming in campaign literature that he co-chaired the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.  While technically accurate, Gratz says the former State Representative worked with the group for only three months in 2004 — before any signatures were collected to put the issue before voters in 2006 — and quit when he realized how much the position would require.

“He told us, literally, to F-off” in a conference call, she said, explaining that one of his fellow Republican candidates in Macomb County’s 11th district, former State Rep. Leon Drolet, fully chaired the committee after Brandenburg quit.

Gratz went on to suggest that Brandenburg has a history of duplicitous behavior and vulgar language.  Specifically, she said Brandenburg prank called her in January of 2006 and pretended to be a reporter for our very own Booth Newspapers, failing to block his number from her caller ID. After asking several “semi-informed” questions about the MCRI, he allegedly ended the call by asking her, “How do you feel about oral sex?”

In a piece published today in the Macomb Daily, Brandenburg calls Gratz “a liar” and suggests she had a “crush” on him but he rejected her advances.

But as the newspaper points out, Brandenburg pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in a similar case in 1999.  He was accused of  making threatening, profanity-laced phone calls and destruction of property in Ohio. Additionally, one of the “Two Guys Named Joe” told Gratz he’d previously received a prank call from Brandenburg pretending to be a reporter.

Is this the same Brandenburg that is saying that Detroit has no control when he has been convicted of a misdemeanor for threatening and profane phone calls?  You can contact good citizen Randenburg here:

The Honorable Jack Brandenburg
P.O. Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536

Phone: (517) 373-7670

Here is another source regarding the volatility and threat posed by Jack Brandenburg:

Sacramento, Calif., resident, Gratz was in Michigan last week to unveil an anti-Brandenburg campaign flier that said the candidate had blatantly exaggerated his role in the 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, which was approved by Michigan voters.

Gratz said that, on the day the Brandenburg call was received, MCRI staffers quickly discovered that it came from Brandenburg’s cell phone, not from a reporter. The matter was turned over to the House GOP leadership and Brandenburg was reprimanded, Gratz said.

House leaders and legal counsel from 2006 have not confirmed the story. Bill Nowling, the current House Republican communications director, who served as a consultant on the MCRI campaign, has backed up Gratz’s version of the events…Meanwhile, Brandenburg’s one brush with the law has become campaign material for anonymous literature and robo-calls throughout the district. The incident, which stemmed from a family feud in the candidate’s hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, was first uncovered by The Macomb Daily during Brandenburg’s 2002 House campaign.

Brandenburg said his conviction on a minor misdemeanor offense was “like a traffic ticket.” He said 11th District voters who have suffered through scurrilous robo-calls claiming he is an alcoholic and a wife beater will not be fazed by a mistake he made long ago.

Yet, critics say the behavior is part of a pattern, with Brandenburg essentially using the phone as a weapon.

This pattern of bullying and threatening behavior has seemingly been overlooked by the media.  This man, Brandenburg, was actually convicted of a crime regarding this type of behavior, one that he calls “a traffic ticket.”  Traffic tickets involve rolling through a stop sign, not criminally threatening people and destroying property.  Brandenburg is nothing but a common criminal, as evidenced by his criminal record.

Brandenburg also has documented misuse of taxpayer funds:

For her part, Meltzer skewers Brandenburg on her website for a documented misuse of taxpayer funds. In 2007, while serving in the Legislature, he sent out a terse letter on House stationery urging his constituents to reject a South Lake school bond issue.

This pattern of operating outside the law by Brandenburg has yet to be acknowledged by the public, or maybe have yet to be published.

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  1. RideBlackCowboyStudBrett1953 permalink
    June 21, 2011 9:42 pm

    Of course,Detroit’s public officials ARE a**-clowns,thieves and out-right imcomptents,but Detroit SHOULD,rather than being disenfranchised via ‘city manager,’ should have its governmental functions run as part of South-Eastern Michigan regional government to assure Detroiters of the services they deserve.

    • brokeharvardgrad permalink*
      June 30, 2011 6:06 pm

      How do you know the city manager would be better?

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