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Wisconsin Governor Broke the Law?

March 22, 2011
MADISON, WI - MARCH 05:  A protestor holds a s...

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Oh, it’s not what you  might think: the whole bit about sneaking in a vote without giving proper notice.  The Wisconsin Republicans DID break the law with that bit, in their effort to get their bill passed.  The fact that all the Republicans were present at about 11:30 p.m. that night to be ready to vote and finish voting in about 5 minutes without the proper notice given to all parties means that there most likely was a planned effort by Wisconsin’s Republican party to break the law by failing to give proper notice before a vote commenced, because it’s way too much coincidence that all Repubs were there at 11:30 at night and finished voting before allowing Dems to vote, and without proper notice, per a judges investigation. (You can check out my post on that below.)

No, no, the law-breaking I am talking about refers to Governor Walker’s failure to release records in compliance with the FIA requests sent by the press.  Walker’s administration is being made to pay $7,000 in legal fees–great savings for the state Guvna.

AP and Isthmus, a weekly Madison newspaper, both filed open record requests with Walker’s office on Feb. 18 seeking the 8,000 messages the governor referenced at his news conference. The AP amended the request a week later, seeking all e-mails Walker had received through that day.

After receiving no response from the governor’s office, the AP and Isthmus filed a joint lawsuit on March 4 seeking the e-mails. A settlement reached March 16 called for Walker to release the messages and pay the organizations’ attorney fees, which came to $7,000.

The agreement specified that Walker did not acknowledge violating the state’s open records law.

So, because he paid the money, Walker doesn’t have to admit to breaking the law.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is called buying the truth.  Apparently it hasn’t worked so far, with that whole “illegal vote” bit, but hey, Governor Walker was able to buy his own truth with his payment of $7,000 in State money to pay for his illegal actions.  How is that for a great use of taxpayer funds?  Gee, I bet the constituents of Wisconsin are so proud!

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