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Glenn Beck Says “Pants Crapping” Leads to Jesus: “…you’ll crap yourself more than when you were a baby! And you will find Jesus.”

April 8, 2011
Glenn Beck's Christmas Road Show

Image by The Rocketeer via Flickr

That’s a lot of capitalizing “crap” here.  Seriously, Glenn Beck seems to have gone off the deep end, in a bizarre fashion, talking about liberals crapping their pants, to the tune of, singing about his departure from Fox News, because he didn’t want to do it anyway?  Stranger things have happened. (You could read about the latest Wisconsin Supreme Court elections…)

But, no, he did talk about, repeatedly about pants-crapping escapade of those villainous, ubiquitous “you on the left,” on their path to finding Jesus.  Everyone knows the path to Jesus is through pants-crapping for adults, isn’t it? Thank goodness the moral guide of Fox has given us this new re-directed path, because I would have thought that the path to Jesus was through the prayerful soul, or the repentant soul, not pants-crapping.  Thank you, Glenn Beck, for setting us straight:

BECK: Let me just tell you something. Liberal left — let me make a prediction. … One year from now, you on the left will be crapping yourselves so much — you haven’t, you haven’t crapped in your pants as much as you will in a year from now, as you did since you were a child. Maybe more. You’ll be making — you’ll crap yourself more than when you were a baby! And you will find Jesus. You will suddenly find religion and you will be kneeling at some altar lighting candles every day praying to Jesus that Glenn Beck would please just do 5 o’clock on the Fox News Channel.There’s my prediction.



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