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Hasidic Orthodox Rabbi Sounds Surprisingly Like Muslim Leaders: Deleting Clinton

May 10, 2011

I know that the Jewish and Muslim religions have grown up with each other in this sort of twisted form of incestuous hatred since their beginnings.  And I know that although both religious groups claim to be different, they sound surprisingly alike:  both advocate war as a means to pursue a religious agenda (hello, Palestine and Isreal), both seek to limit women’s rights, both use genital mutilation as a form of religious ceremony (although the penile cutting was originally a way to differentiate, however that may have happened in battle in which a penis was exposed), and both seem to believe that no matter the region in which they live, their religious beliefs should set social standards.

Consider the fact that a Brooklyn Hasidic Paper Removed Hilary Clinton from its published photo, even though the Federal Government prohibited editing as a condition of publishing:

The original photo, taken as the raid was occurring, famously shows Clinton in the center of the room, with her hand over her mouth. But the newspaper Der Tzitung, described by the Jewish Week as “ultra-Orthodox,” has a policy of never printing photos of women in its pages because it thinks they could be sexually suggestive. Thus, Clinton and counterterrorism director Audrey Tomason, who was seen standing at the back of the room, were removed from the picture.

The blogger Failed Messiah was the first to notice the Photoshopping.

UPDATE: Der Tzitung sent a statement to the press, apologizing for altering the photo—which the White House had forbidden news outlets from doing—and explaining why they had removed Clinton and Tomason.

“In accord with our religious beliefs, we do not publish photos of women, which in no way relegates them to a lower status,” the statement said in part. “… Because of laws of modesty, we are not allowed to publish pictures of women, and we regret if this gives an impression of disparaging to women, which is certainly never our intention. We apologize if this was seen as offensive.” Read the full statement here.

See the Photoshopped version:

See the original:

In a further twist, an Haredi Rabbi has issued a statement proclaiming that women shouldn’t teach boys, and that women were “crazy” to try to “act like men…”

“A woman can teach boys so long it takes place in a large area with no risk of her being alone with the pupils’ fathers, up to the third grade and by no means beyond. This means the age of nine, perhaps a bit more… but fourth grade and higher would be considered a woman standing before boys who understand, and that is promiscuity and totally prohibited.”

Regarding the question at hand of a woman teaching a boy the Torah reading, Yosef added on the initial age-related prohibition the “distortion” of “women trying to be like men in the name of equality,” which is a “female craziness” that is becoming more and more prevalent.

This whole idea of separate but equal was found to be unconstitutional in America, but seems to be of little importance in the face of this man’s “religious beliefs.”

So much of the “promiscuity” definition in both Islam and Orthodox Judaism, stems from women merely standing in the same room with a person of the opposite gender.  Twisted, twisted relatives…

It’s not the first time this particular rabbi has been called out.  His views on women driving mirror those governed by the Saudi nation, even if they are an Islamic-governed country:

The modern Orthodox feminist group Kolech on Thursday said in response to the promiscuity claim that “it is wrong to attribute such thoughts to such young boys. This is an expression of the lack of faith in the possibility to conduct a normal dialogue between a woman and a boy, that we believe could carry educational and moral value.”

“We would also like to wonder why we didn’t hear Rabbi Yosef speak out against men heading institutions in which pubescent girls study, or the many men who teach at such places,” Kolech said. To point a finger only at the problematic element of women teaching boys and not vice versa is hypocritical and immodest.”

This is not the first time controversial halachic interpretation Yosef issues. Last month he said that it would be better for women to not drive cars, especially in haredi areas, for reasons of modesty…”

Saudi Arabia is the only country in which women aren’t legally allowed to drive.  Funny how closely related these religious dictates are, isn’t it? The fact that Sec of State Hilary Clinton is erased, not seen in public photos, the fact that women shouldn’t be around boys, the fact that women shouldn’t be driving, all tenets of the same fanaticism that drives both religion, hell, any religion.

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