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Marriage No Longer the Majority in America

June 15, 2011

Guilty, got this bit from a naughty piece on Huffington Post, along with the dubious statistical analyis, stating that cohabitating couples are more the norm than married couples:

No matter. For lo, the earth doth tremble and the heavens weep as we learn from the 2010 census that married households in America, once the dominant, inviolable, ironclad foundation of all that is good and righteous and often sort’ve vaguely unhappy and resentful after about seven years, a couple kids and not nearly enough couples therapy — now make up a mere 48 percent of domestic partnerships, with 52 percent going to the sinful and the wimpy and the possibly more frequently naked.

Granted, we are moving from 48 percent of couples being married in comparison to 52percent cohabitating, but it’s still enough to have people commenting, me included. Strangely enough, the author believes that cohabitation equals “more frequently naked,” as thought it’s the marriage vow that kills the sex life as opposed to medications, despondency, or the drudgery of simply trying to manage work and any other life issues.

Of course, you can also check out the link below that says that you simply have to get married, and stay married (little catch there, right?) in order to help the economy.  To hell with good lending practices, let’s let all the lowly folk get married, and stay married, too, damnit!

There are dire talks of how children will fare with split parents, how promiscuity is the rage as opposed to morals, and debates now about how staying married saves money, a dubious proclamation, I am sure.

In any case, by a 4% margin, just couples streak ahead in the social trends.  Maybe it’s fear that gay couples have surpassed married couples, or maybe it’s just a fear of an institution moving, by 4%, but moving nonetheless.  What 4% has to do with anything, I am not quite sure.  For those of you who like stats, there’s something to ponder.


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