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Dean Foods Might As Well Sell Monsanto-Brand Milk

July 20, 2011
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The title of this post is a quote from the Organic Consumer’s association regarding the manner in which Dean Foods pushes GMO feed and Monsanto products to its brands.  In fact, even Land O’Lakes, my now former favorite butter, feeds its animals GMO plant products:

Land O’ Lakes, is the largest livestock feed seller in the U.S. With almost all soy and corn being GMO, and 98% of soy and 60% of corn being used as animal feed, that makes Land O’ Lakes the biggest pusher of Monsanto’s GMO crops. Land O’ Lakes also sells Monsanto’s GMO seeds and Roundup herbicide.

As a dairy processor, Land O’ Lakes used to be a competitor of Dean Foods. They went from competitors to partners with a licensing agreement for Dean to process and distribute Land O’ Lakes dairy products. Now Land O’ Lakes is a Dean Foods brand, along with Horizon, Silk, and International Delight. Dean Foods might as well sell Monsanto-brand milk!

Organic Consumers Association is calling for a boycott of Dean Foods and all of its brands, including Horizon and Silk, to protest GMO alfalfa and all of the other crimes against human health, worker safety, animal rights and the environment caused by Dean’s factory farmed dairies.

I might as well be shoveling genetically freakish food into my gullet and watching for signs of dire implications–no thanks Land O’Lakes.  You can also watch a video about this at the above link. Probably I should have been suspicious of a brand that utilizes a Native American woman in a submissive permission offering a dairy product, but I guess I hadn’t thought about it until I had clicked on the close-up of the brand photo.  Thank goodness for computers.   White guilt?  Perhaps a bucolic image of empiric heritage branding?  Maybe yes to all of these in response to the question:  Why would a dairy corporation use a Native American woman to brand its milk products? How did butter come out of a tree-lined lake anyway?  Did Native Americans cultivate dairy cattle?  Funny, I thought that was the white settlers who pushed Native Americans off the plains.  Maybe I was mistaken?  Would anyone like some racism and chauvinistic lies along with their morning toast?  Perhaps outright exploitation of women in marketing?

And in addition to that, they use GMO feed to make those dairy products?  Oh yeah, and Dean Foods just announced a $140 million settlement with smaller farms who had sued when they accused Dean Foods of artificially lowering the prices of dairy foods to put them out of business.

Hmm, a little indigestion and consumer guilt will no longer accompany my morning toast or bowl of noodles, no longer haunt my cookies.   I need GMO foods like I need lead poisoning (yeah, the EPA bowed to their constuction pimps on that one and let them continue beefing up their building work with extra lead, children’s neurological damage be damned!).

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