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MoxNews on Michelle Bachmann–A Ferocious Campaigner Pressing the Flesh Equates Being Gay with Pedophilia While Extolling on Her Children’s Marriagibility

August 1, 2011

In a three-page Christmas letter from 2003 acquired by a local blog, Bachmann waxed optimistic on her four children’s suitability as spouses. 13-year-old Elisa “was born to be the perfect wife… Future mates will have to apply as she does not advertise herself.” After marveling at the way her daughter Caroline “pulls her jeans over her 14-inch hips,” Bachmann noted that “King Henry had his six wives, and if our Caroline had been one of them, I think she would have been called Caroline the Vibrant.” She described her son, Harrison, as “utter perfection” and a “female fantasy treasure.” And her eldest son, Lucas, got a cheeky personal ad: “Chick magnate [sic] needs wife to put him through med school, clean house, pay bills and run his life. Must be willing to gamble against onslaught of socialized medicine diminishing return on investment.”

Protecting victims of homophobic crime, she explains, means protecting pedophiles:

[P]eople who are practicing pedophiles would be considered protected under this legislation, but not, I understand, veterans, not, I understand, pregnant women, not, I understand, 85-year-old grandmothers would be protected under this law. But who would be protected? A pedophile, someone who considers themselves gay, someone who considers themselves transgender, someone who considers themselves a cross-dresser? That is who is protected.

It wasn’t the first time Bachmann equated gays with child molesters. In 2004, she told a talk-radio host that same-sex marriage is dangerous because “it is our children who are the prize for this community, they are specifically targeting our children.”

In 2007, Bachmann told Minnesota’s  St. Cloud Times newspaper that she had knowledge of an “agreement made” between Iraq and Iran: “They are going to get half of Iraq, and that is going to be a terrorist safe-haven zone where they can go ahead and bring about more attacks in the Middle East, and come against the United States.” This was why, she said, Iran wanted the U.S. to pull out of Iraq. Bachmann declined to specify how she learned of the partitioning plan, but noted that it was all part of “their natural cultural ties, the long history of Iran and Iraq wars, and regional security.” The St. Cloud Times posted the interview on their Web site on February 10, but the peculiar Iran-Iraq discourse didn’t find its way into the national press for almost two weeks.

Of course, we don’t have to say that since Cher won’t vote for Bachmann , no one else will, but I am not a commentator who believes that simply because Hollywood speaks, no one will listen.  Cher has called Bachmann a Christian poser, and says she is gay-hating.  Coming from Cher, whose fan base comprises a large group of the gay population, no doubt expanded by her son Chaz’s “coming out,” and Cher may well be a force to be reckoned with.

Courting celebrity favor is a fickle business–who knows when someone will pull a Tom Cruise-couch jumping moment–but if someone like Cher is openly trashing a politician, Bachmann’s court would do well to take notice.  It’s not just that Bachmann appears silly, it’s that she appears dangerously self-righteous, to the point of attacking others.  Hollywood is built on garnering massive appeal, which makes it much like politics.

Michelle Bachmann’s campaign comes across as another Republican sacrificial lamb.

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  1. bonju permalink
    August 1, 2011 4:19 pm

    thank you for the honor of making your “related articles” list. I thank you so much for reading.

  2. November 2, 2011 9:16 pm

    Thanks for this great article. Best of luc with future postings.

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