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We Are Wisconsin Burned Out of Building Before Recall Elections

August 1, 2011
MIDDLETON, WI - NOVEMBER 2:  Elijah Rutten (2)...

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We Are Wisconsin is a group dedicated to helping Democratic contenders in Wisconsin make it to office, and is also a group that helped drive the most recent recall elections coming up in August 2011.  Conveniently for the Republicans, and I don’t without coincidence, the building housing We Are Wisconsin burned to the ground.

Recall elections have already let one Democrat continue to hold his seat in Wisconsin, but the Republican contenders for this latest round of recalls are closely matched with their Democratic opponents.  Perhaps this is the reason behind the big fire at the Democratic-based PAC.

Local news reports show that the upcoming race is almost tied:

Though Democrats may have reason to tout an early victory on Tuesday, only time will tell if they will repeat in the 8th Senate District, where Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) will attempt to defend her seat against Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay).

A poll released by the Democratic party last week showed Darling and Pasch in a virtual tie for voter support. Pasch has the slight edge with 47 percent of the vote to Darling’s 46 percent.

Democratic strategist John Kraus said the recent poll indicates support in Darling’s district may be waning, and the tide of momentum may very well wash ashore in the 8th District on Aug. 9.

“There’s no question that the Democratic base is highly energized and they have been for the whole year. Pasch has definitely made this a race, based on the latest poll,” Kraus said. “I think we are starting to see act that Republicans not only lack the type of energy the Democrats have, that they may in fact be on the wrong side of the issues.”

Kraus said Darling’s position as leader of the Joint Finance Committee has put her in the forefront as the “cheerleader” of Gov. Scott Walker’s agenda, and will eventually cost her.

Her support of deep cuts to school funding is causing her support to wane in a district that puts a high investment in public education, said Kraus, who was active in the campaigns of former Gov. Jim Doyle and former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold.

While those in Wisconsin are set to duke it out, it seems highly unlikely that in a political rally with huge ramifications that the fire was accidental.  And, even though local officials said they won’t be able to tell for “days” whether or not the cause of fire can be linked to arson, it seems that arson must be suspected.

This is the same political group that reported to the public that Republicans had pushed “fake” Democrats to run against the Democratic-party backed contenders.  For real.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald fully endorsed the idea Tuesday of fielding fake Democrats in recall elections against Republicans in an effort to delay the general elections.

“It gives us another month to campaign,” said the Republican from Juneau.

Recall elections for six Republican senators are scheduled for July 12. If there are multiple candidates from the same party in any of those elections, the July 12 election becomes a primary election and a general recall election will be scheduled for Aug. 9.

Fitzgerald said Republicans would be recruited to run as Democrats — likely in all six races — so that the elections would be pushed back a month. He said he was persuaded by campaign staff that it was a good idea and consulted with state election officials to make sure it was allowed.

The Republicans circulated fliers trying to get their candidates, whom they described as Democrats, to run against the true Democratic candidates.  Sneaky.  Lying?  Well, sounds like it, but the group that exposed this has recently had its offices burned to the ground.  Just goes to show what Republicans might do to win Wisconsin.  Let’s tally them up shall we?

  1. Orchestrate a vote to pass with out giving the legal notice time to have all members vote on the bill to limit public workers’ rights?  Done.
  2. Push to have a judge who showed that the illegal vote was illegal overruled? Done.
  3. Push for a recount in elections wherein Republicans didn’t win and then come up with “extra, uncounted votes” by clerks charged with fraud? Done.
  4. Lie to pass their own Republican counterparts off as Democrats in elections to unseat the true Democratic contenders?  Oh, taken care of back in July 2011.
  5. Burn down committees who exposed Republicans’ lies?  Hmm, remains to be seen, but sure seems  coincidentally taken care of.
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