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Corruption of Michigan Supreme Court Justices–In Video!!:)

September 1, 2011
Michigan Supreme Court

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Same old, same old:  judges who aren’t corrupt?  Show me one, and I will show you a unicorn.  If you are terribly excited about this, there are sites listing how to recuse corrupt judges, and one that I found particularly rewarding reading was listed here:  Bad Judges at  It was particularly refreshing to see how some of the more corrupt judges were taken down.  Notice I say “more,” because here in MI, Clifford Taylor was a Michigan Supreme Court Justice who was finally NOT re-elected after numerous missteps. He had royally pissed off University of Michigan loyalists after ruling that the insurance company wasn’t required to pay for bills for a person injured in an auto accident.  Notice that after this was reconsidered, the video here, Robert Young, formally associated with the ousted Clifford Taylor takes issue with the fact that this could be a partisan issue.  Notice, too, how Robert Young is accused of whining at the end of the clip, priceless:

I have this handy-dandy video outlining the links between Bush and Clifford Taylor, and it’s no surprise that when Bush was pushed out, that Taylor had no place in the party:

God, isn’t YouTube wonderful??  Here is another one, with “I keep imagining your place on my face” at wonderfully timed intervals, showing how Robert Young has taken campaign contributions from insurance companies and ruled in their favor 80% of the time.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence:

Your place on my face…  Hmm, are they suggesting that Robert Young is in the same position? But I wonder:  Is it his face in the insurance industry’s place, or the other way around?  Kind of nasty to contemplate…

Here is a video of former MI Supreme Court Justice, Cliff Taylor (also incidentally voted “worst judge”) falling asleep during proceedings.  Note that it’s purported that Robert Young is striving to take Clifford Taylor’s place in these issues:

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