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Michigan Supreme Court Justice Mary Beth Kelly “Feels Really Bad” After Man She Let Go Murders

September 1, 2011

I had decided to focus on the Michigan Supreme Court Justices for a week, because it’s election season coming up, and well, it’s what I do.  But I am starting to get worried about my own self-imposed timeline.  How much material can there be for a week, right?  Scary how much material is out there to cover on the corruption of the Michigan Supreme Court.  You all followed the Kwame Kilpatrick debacle, the former Michigan Attorney General’s involvement (Mike Cox), and the fact that the Michigan State Police felt coerced into covering up a stripper’s murder linked to Kwame’s “party” and Mike Cox’s “investigation.”  I use those terms loosely because the FBI was called in, and the FBI doesn’t come in for minor missteps.  Sadly enough, the woman who was killed, has a son who is still investigating the death of his mother.  It’s an awful story.  But I thought I had covered the majority of the corruption links when I hit that and then the whole white executive buy-out or take-over of the black majority in Benton Harbor under Rick Snyder’s leadership (who routinely shows elements of racially-provoking policies). I did read the brief that the Jean Kloc park supporters filed, and it didn’t follow normal form, didn’t make an argument for the City to uphold its contract, and focused more on the story rather than the City missteps, but nonetheless, it’s linked to the Michigan Supreme Court too.

So I thought, why not focus on the Michigan Supreme Court for a week?  I could find some good material.  I have revised my initial statement “good” has nothing to do with this. Imagine my surprise to find that much more shit on the Michigan Supreme Court!  I am rather partial to political ads, kind of like break-up songs broadcast nationwide.  Here is a good one on Mary Beth Kelly:



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