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Michigan Supreme Court Judge Retires After Tiring of Robert Young Calling Other Judges Sluts

September 7, 2011

So I wrote about Robert Young calling other judges sluts, reported by one of the other female justices who got tired of listening to him speak ill of other people:

She also said that in April 2006 Young suggested to another justice that he use the phrase, “you ignorant slut,” when addressing the State Appellate Defender Commission. It was a phrase used years ago in a popular “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Young told the AP he couldn’t recall saying that.

Get this, though, after the publication of this, “Justice” Robert Young said that it never should have been publicized, not that he didn’t say it, just that he couldn’t remember saying it and if he had, it shouldn’t be put out there…

“Justice Weaver never respected the conference privilege and that’s why we had to promulgate a rule,” he said.

So, they had to change the rules after that??  You can find that in the same link from the quote above.

Robert Young’s response to the fact that former Justice Elizabeth Weaver was “disgusted” by his language and reported his use of the word “nigger,” well he said Weaver never should have told anyone:

Young, who is black, told The Associated Press that he used the word during an “impassioned plea” to emphasize how someone was being treated “without rights, without dignity.”

“I’m sorry that I used the term. … Obviously I was very hot about this. That’s why I used the word,” Young said. “I remember the heat and the purpose for using it.”

When pressed for details, he couldn’t recall the case.

Young said Weaver’s actions were an “outrage.”

The case that Young refers to is posted on my previous blog post.

Elizabeth Weaver talked openly about Young’s unprofessional conduct.  And remember, this is another Michigan Supreme Court Justice reporting Young:

In her speech in Traverse City, Weaver said Young used the slur in the plural form and was referring to a judicial candidate. She read from a May 2006 memo that she wrote and sent to all justices expressing disgust at Young’s remarks and other “unprofessional” incidents.

“Perhaps everyone should imagine that the court’s conferences are being televised,” Weaver said. “The public would be appalled at how the court’s business is often conducted.”

Elizabeth Weaver did get into big trouble for reporting the behavior of the other justices, with other justices reporting her to the Judicial Tenure Commission, but this is her accounting of Robert Young’s behavior (he, sadly, re-elected, by the way):

Below are the details and the truth—not the fiction—about the case and the conduct of Justice Young during the case while the Court was holding its regular weekly conference to discuss the status of pending cases.  He used the “N” word with disdain and jocularity…he was laughing.  And so were others.  His statement was made during the business of the Court. The justices were in the middle of item number seven (7) on the May 10, 2006, court conference agenda: 130592 Moxon v. Moxon.  The trial judge in the case was Judge Antonio “Tony” Viviano.  The Justices had been discussing whether to deny appeal in the case, hear it, or remand it.  The Justices turned from the case before them to bring up that Judge Tony Viviano’s son, David, might run for a judgeship in Macomb County and that might put him in the running against a former judge, Andrea Ferrara.  The Supreme Court had removed Judge Ferrara from office in Wayne County in 1998 but there was talk of her running for another judgeship in Macomb County in the 2006 election.

Apparently the site “delayed” had so much information, that it started a new site: Delayed Justice is a forum for discussing unsolved murders, and the information on the Courts was moved to ostensibly expand content.


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