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American Media Talks More Openly About Vaginas

September 15, 2011

According to business experts, more Americans are talking openly about vaginas, which drives the advertising spent on period products.  Women are talking about how vaginas look, or how they are treated (think The Vagina Monologues), and vaginal tattoos, not to mention products to cover grey pubic hair.  Who knew that greying women might want pink pubic hair?

Pop culture also has a lot to do with Americans’ — and companies’ — increased comfort with women’s nether regions. The term “vajayjay” became popular after media mogul Oprah Winfrey began using it on TV in 2007. Last month, actress Olivia Wilde, who stars on the Fox TV series “House,” described her favorite vagina tattoo on TBS’s “Conan.”

“I am about to pass out,” Conan said.

The openness has spawned an industry of products and services. “Vajazzling” — gluing on sparkly gems such as Swarovski crystals to jazz up a bikini wax — became a phenomenon last year when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt mentioned it on the former TBS talk show “Lopez Tonight.” It’s now a popular service offered by some salons across the country. For instance, the Brazil Bronze Glow Bar spa in New York, charges $25 for house designs like a butterfly, dragon and heart, and up to $100 for custom-made designs.

Bettybeauty Inc., which makes pubic hair dye, was started by Nancy Jarecki in 2006 and sells its products at salons and beauty stores. The $14.99 product works like normal hair dye but is formulated to be safe for the pubic area. The colors run from basics like black, brown and blonde to hot pink, turquoise and purple.

Jarecki said sales have tripled since the line was introduced, although she declined to give figures. Some women are looking to cover gray hair, while others just want a fun color, she says. “When I came out with it, there was this kind of burst of ‘Oh my god, you solved our problem. I didn’t realize how much gray hair was down there,'” she said.

You can add jewels to your vagina, color the hair, shave it, tattoo it, talk about it, how you deal with your period products, just about anything.  Notice though that the Yahoo news article I pulled this from refused to say vagina, instead entitling the article “No More Dancing Around Issue of Feminine Hygiene…”  Wimps.

Feminine hygiene?  Ha!  The article is talking about how everyone else is talking about vaginas.  Vaginas.  Vaginas.  Strange that we have to rename a body part discussion to a function of a body part as “feminine hygiene.”  Here’s mud in your eye, Yahoo.

Oh, and if you wonder about the power of the vagina, just ask Summer’s Eve, which maybe rightfully, claims wars have been fought over vaginas the world over.  Then again, maybe it’s the smell of vaginas; can you decide?  I do like it’s title “the cradle of life” and “the seat of civilization.”

If you care for some retro vaginal discussion, you can watch this old commercial.  I prefer the new campaign…

Here is a good spoof of those commercials, with a bit of swearing thrown it…:

If you’re ever feeling a bit like barfing into your own lap, you can always head to the Summer’s Eve site where there is a talking hand imitating how your vagina is supposed be talking to you, or is it someone else’s vagina?  I am a bit confused, but I do know this: vaginas don’t talk.  Strange that vaginas need a hand to speak for them, and one site claims that Summer’s Eve even uses differently colored hands based on nationalities.  Black hands are supposedly “sassier.”  Nothing like racial stereotypes even in a hand talking like a fake vagina ad right?  Does it get any crazier, People?  Really?

So, everyone is talking about vaginas now, his, yours, ours, hers, whatever.  For God’s sake though, don’t listen to anyone else’s hand talking like your vagina–you never know what she might say.

By the way, the “Lady Wowza” commercial has been removed from YouTube and every other site I checked.  Guess the black women’s talking hand a.k.a. vaginal voice has been censured.  Go figure.

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