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Cannibalism in the US: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

September 20, 2011
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The dubious honor has been bestowed upon gruesome scientists: the ability to move forward with “science”-based procedures allowing people to “harvest” stem cells from human embryos.  The concept is justified by those who say that these cells are able to morph into any type of cell the scientists determine they need, based on heretofore unknown criteria.  But seriously, it’s a gross form of cannibalism.

Really, harvesting would-be infant cells to make new adult cells?  Gross.  I can’t understand why anyone would want a would-be-infant-liver cell implanted in their body when it requires the death of that embryo. At least in the case of organ donations, the people “donating” (I use this loosely because donating implies some active participation…) are dead.  Not the case for embryonic stem cells which require killing the organism producing the cells in order to put them into someone else.

And, well, all grossness aside, if these cells can morph into anything, why not cancer?  I find it very strange that scientists believe that they have unwrapped the genome to such a degree that they understand all of its hundreds of millions of intricacies in the human body at the embryonic stage and when those dead little humans are transplanted into other humans.

Enter in a new debate:  Peyton Manning purportedly went to Europe to have adult stem cells transplanted into his neck to see if he could play in the 2011 football season.  Critics here in the States have said that he must go to the UK for this procedure because it hasn’t been allowed in the US due to religious sentiments.

Seems the Catholic Church at least defends adult stem cell transplants but rejects embryonic stem cell research:

“There’s a common misconception that the Catholic Church is opposed to stem cell research,” he said. “That is wrong. The church has long supported adult stem-cell research, but is opposed to embryonic stem-cell research, which destroys human embryos and which has yet to cure a single disease.”

In any case, for those of you wishing to “harvest” and “eat” from embryos, cannibalism moves forward.  It does seem though that this decision will be appealed.

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