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Marine Tells NYPD There Is No Honor In How They Treat Occupy WallStreet Protesters

October 27, 2011

I predict there will be lawsuits about the NYPD actions during the Occupy Wallstreet Protests.  NYPD has always acted with brutality in situations like this, not all, but enough to get on the news.  The NYPD is like a poorly controlled gorilla force–always accused of being too aggressive for an organized society and still praised because no one wants to take responsibility for the beast it has become.  Perhaps it is just a numbers game–the more cops you have, the more corruption you have.  I couldn’t give exact reasons for their actions, but this Marine calls them out in a poignant manner.  I watched this once with the sound off, and you can see the “us vs. them” demeanor of the body language in the police force.  Notice how the big Marine stands in front of the people on the sidewalk.  Notice how the people crowd behind him.  One of the first signs of the demise of democracy is the arrest of demonstrators, on the grounds of not having permits.  Stalin, Lenin, Castro, making appearances in NY?  Perhaps in the form of Michael Bloomberg?

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