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Police Attack Occupy WallStreet Protesters: “The Whole World Is Watching…”

October 27, 2011

Watch the “acclaimed” NYPD attack demonstrators.  See the billy clubs as they literally beat people “back” and push them away from their barricades.

Look at the video coverage (timing 26-40 seconds) of police beating back protesters as the protesters chant: “shame, shame…”  Look at 2:35, to see the glorious NYPD use horses to trample protesters.

Looks like protests during the Vietnam Era.

In the next video clip, at timing :45,  notice the police grab a protester and pull him into their crowd, as people chant: “This is a peaceful protest.”  Watch the crowd pull him back.  This is a man whom the police had just knocked down.  He is courageous–the cops are not.

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