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NYPD Police Brutality Video: Punching Protesters, Dragging Women Through the Streets,

November 3, 2011

I can’t help but notice that the first people the white police grab are minorities.  Then the “police” haul off the minority protesters by the backs of their arms, yanking them to their feet by arms tied behind their backs.  The only thing preventing a cop-caused shoulder dislocation is the youth and strength of the protester.  Remind anyone of the civil rights era protests too?? Strange how the cops focus just on the minorities…

The next video was uploaded October 14, 2011, and start paying attention at :56, when the “cops” tackle a man and throw him to the ground next to a building.  At 1:41, the “officers” start punching people in the streets.

Start the video below at 3:21 to see how the violence escalates, and you can see the “cops” drag a woman from the crowd. Her face is shown at 3:25. By 3:42 you can see three men kneeling on the woman lying in the street.  Notice that the “mob” isn’t violent until the cops start pulling people from the crowd.

At 6:08, a protester picks up a flag from another protester who was pushed to the ground by the cops.  By 6:15, the protester with the flag is swarmed by cops, and he is pushed to the ground.  Pay attention right at 6;17, when the “NYPD” has pushed a man who was carrying a flag to the ground, for no apparent reason.   The crowd reacts to this pushing and shoving by the “cops,” and by 6:28, you can see the glorious “NYPD” punching protesters in the crowd.

At 7:12, a college-age student tries to give his name, “Sam Quinn” while a cop kneels on his neck.  At 7:14, a bystander starts saying: “He can’t breathe, Officer.”

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