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Herman Cain Wins Asshole of the Week Award

November 14, 2011

Ta-da!  This week’s winner of the ubiquitous Asshole of the Week Award is Herman Cain, for threatening women who have sp0ken out about how he sexually harassed them.  Never mind that Herman Cain has a history of paying settlements to women he sexually harassed.  Never mind that other people were aware that he sexually harassed these women but won’t speak up, but Herman Cain then goes on to threaten these women through his attorney.  If that’s not a sign of an abuser, what is?  Women’s News, in their “Jeers” section laid out the situation quite nicely:

Herman Cain’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination has a website dedicated to spreading damaging stories about the women who have accused him of sexual harassment, particularly Sharon Bialek, reported Talking Points Memo Nov. 10.

One post on the Cain site lists Bialek’s financial troubles, including bankruptcy, and various civil suits she filed.

Bialek publicly accused Cain on Nov. 7 of demanding sex in exchange for help finding her work.

Cain’s lawyer warned any other women who might be considering coming forward with similar allegations “should think twice,” reported The New York Times Nov. 9.

Salon’s XX Factor offered a compendium Nov. 7 of some of the slurs being slung at Bialek, the fourth woman to accuse Cain.

That column showcased radio host Rush Limbaugh’s lewd wordplay of Bialek’s last name. Limbaugh continued his attack the next day, calling Bialek’s teenage son a Nazi, reported The Huffington Post Nov. 8.

Andrea Peyser also attacked Bialek in her Nov. 8 New York Post column, “Jobless and shameless gal going for gold.”

An editorial in The New York Daily News asks: “Why have dinner and drinks with a married man in the first place? Why not meet him in his office if your purpose is strictly professional?”

A Nov. 10 editorial in the Huffington Post lamented the media assault on Bialek. “The character assassination of Ms. Bialek which Mr. Cain has commenced demonstrates that anyone who speaks out against someone who has abused their authority or trust will face similar attacks that go beyond mere credibility assessment.”

It’s a sad day when the media also lashes out against women who have been sexually harassed, but it’s happening in this day and age of 2011. Women who serve men, like Andrea Peyser and  Mrs. Cain herself are some of the worst offenders of this sort of attack.







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