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Bloodied Face of Occupy Wallstreet: 20-year old Brandon Watts’ forehead opened by cops

November 23, 2011

The face of Occupy Wallstreet is bloodied.  This photo set, discussed in a Yahoo article, by The Cutline, shows an Occupy Wallstreet protester after he has been tackled by the NYPD:

During a demonstration in Lower Manhattan, 20-year-old Brandon Watts of Philadelphia grabbed a police officer’s hat and was subsequently tackled and arrested, sustaining a gash to his forehead. Watts’ bloody face appeared on the cover of the Daily News and Metro newspapers on Friday. (Interestingly, the New York Post went with the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore for its Friday front page; the New York Times featured an A1 photo of the protests above the fold, but no blood.)

Before grabbing the hat, Watts allegedly threw an AAA battery at officers who had set up a barricade. According to the Daily News, he was charged with assault and grand larceny after receiving medical treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

According to the paper, it was Watts’ fourth arrest since the protests began in September.

Thursday also saw more police clashes with journalists. Michelle Fields and Direna Cousins, a pair reporters from the Daily Caller claim they were attacked by the NYPD

I also have a posting about Michelle Fields.  The video is part of a news story, and there is another video of the attack at this link:

NYPD attack female reporter…

Of course faces don’t have to be bloody.  The police walked down a line of students and sprayed them all in the face with pepper spray.  Anonymous has now reportedly published the police officer’s personal information on-line as a retaliation against police brutality, effectively removing an abuser’s greatest weapon, anonymity.

Another photo shows women who had been maced by the cops for no apparent reason:

Below is the image of Marine veteran Scott Olsen, who also has a bloody face:

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