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Constitutional Rights For Sale in Michigan: Michigan Supreme Court Denies Access to the Poor

November 30, 2011

It’s official, the Michigan Supreme Court has just refused to hear a lawsuit that was denied because the plaintiff couldn’t pay to access the courts.  The trial court had determined that the case had merit, that the plaintiff was legitimately injured and Defense had never even challenged the injury, but the case was not allowed to proceed because the plaintiff couldn’t pay enough to access  Constitutional rights.

Michigan is currently the only state in the U.S. that puts Constitutional rights up for sale to the highest bidder, leaving those with limited finances without rights.  Currently the poor in Michigan are under a tremendous onslaught from Republican influences to hand citizens’ rights to big business in the pathetic hope that somehow jobs will materialize.  Governor Rick Snyder, who appointed the latest Michigan Supreme Court “Judge,” Zahra, has already enraged Michiganders by pushing through the Emergency Financial Managers, hand-picked by him from a pool of company executives who contributed to his campaign, who have already removed the rights of poor communities to elect their own officials.  Of course there are no tax breaks in the communities in which the elected officials were removed, enacting the age-old argument regarding taxation without representation, reminiscent of the British rule of peasants.  Now, the Michigan Supreme Court, largely ruled by judges whom big business has bought  into office through under-the-radar campaign donations in the form of multi-million dollar campaign television ads that go un-declared, has decided to remove lower judges’ judicial discretion to determine which cases are heard based on the Supreme Court’s own illegal re-writing of Michigan laws.  (In an infamous case now known as, “Scarsella,” the Michigan Supreme Court allowed for a re-write of a law that couldn’t be passed in the legislature, which denied judicial discretion to all lower courts, in a naked power play to control all the courts in Michigan.)

While Governor Rick Snyder is now being sued for his removal of rights from the poor, the Michigan Supreme Court has yet to be challenged.  Perhaps the Justice Department would take an interest in this.


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  1. November 30, 2011 10:02 pm

    Outrageous. Who will take a stand and end this?


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