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Male Writer, Owen Rust, Says Pregnancy is Not Disabling Because “It’s Preventable…”

January 13, 2012

Image by Fred Dawson via Flickr

Leave it to a male writer to state that pregnant women shouldn’t be given the same protections as those provided for disabled Americans because it could either be, according to Owen Rust, A) offensive to the “truly” disabled Americans, according to Rust, who had “no choice” in the matter, B) because it’s a “preventable condition” and, my personal “this-guy-is-an-uninformed-asshole” epiphany moment C) the “potential for abuse is too high.”  Spoken like a true man who complains in one moment about how women can prevent pregnancy but takes no issue with handing pregnancy prevention to anyone but women and then bleats in the same breath about how men don’t get the same protections.

Poor, whiny-box baby, Rust, don’t you know that women have no choice in the matter of whether or not women are the gender solely responsible for gestating and birthing?  Don’t you think we would hand that off to you men, too, if we had the choice so that you wouldn’t be left our of our potentially disabling condition?

Spoken like a person who is mentally deranged, Rust states that women would get pregnant to keep their jobs, damn them!  Ah yes, perhaps Rust skipped biology class and forgot that 1)it takes 2 to make a baby (so why not, as Rust suggests, just go ahead and blame the woman again) and 2) there are only 2 ways babies are born, and neither would be worth “keeping a job.”  Did Rust forget that babies are either pushed through vaginas that can tear or be cut or literally amputated from a woman’s abdomen?  Perfect solutions to a down economy, right?

If you want some schooling in my personal opinion of idiocy, read an excerpt of Rust’s “opinion” a.k.a. misogyny in most circles, below:

Though I agree that the effects of pregnancy can easily reach the threshold of a genuine disability, it should not be given blanket protection under the ADA.

First of all, given the plethora of modern birth control options and their ease of access, pregnancy is a voluntary condition. Though pregnancy is necessary for continuing the species’ existence, it is not like the current lack of ADA protection for it has diminished America’s population growth. And allowing a voluntary condition to be given the status of ADA protection might seem like a slap in the face to the many workers who are temporarily disabled through traditional, involuntary causes.

The possibility for abuse is high. Women who may fear termination, either due to firing or downsizing, could become pregnant or claim to be pregnant. Which raises another question: How much documentation of a pregnancy is required to merit protection? Does the protection begin at the announcement of the pregnancy, or upon receipt of some sort of paperwork? Does the protection begin at the “fill-in-the-blank” week of pregnancy, or at the beginning of discernible symptoms?

In tough economic times couples may, unwisely, decide to get pregnant to try and guarantee that one spouse retains her job. This may result in families having too many mouths to feed nine months down the road, soon after which the pregnancy and maternity leave employment protections cease. But, like college students opting for a year of graduate school to try to “ride out” a tough economy, could women opt for a baby to try to ride out 9-12 months of a tough economy?

Hmm, that’s not what most people would think women would do to keep their jobs, get pregnant?  Must be news to Rust.  Perhaps he has missed my post about Women Who Don’t Want to Get Married or Have Kids?
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