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“He loves them. What he has simply said is marriage shouldn’t happen” between them[gay couples].

January 17, 2012

Rick Santorum’s wife is making a strange plea for husband, which sounds a lot to me like: “My husband Rick loves all those gay people, except he doesn’t think they should have any rights like he and I do…”  What did Mrs. Santorum say?  Well, it’s a bit more palatable, but just by a hair:

“Rick doesn’t hate anyone,” she continued. “He loves them. What he has simply said is marriage shouldn’t happen” between them.

She has also claimed that since this isn’t done out of “hate,” and intimates that makes it okay to be bigoted in a presidential election:

“As Rick’s wife, I have known him and loved him for 22 years,” Karen Santorum said. “It makes me very sad what the gay activists have done out there. They’ve vilified him. And it’s so wrong.”

I am not sure what is so wrong, her defense of an indefensible position, or her claim that because she loves him that it’s okay that he makes bigoted statements. It gets better.  Mrs. Santorum has a gay son, which the article is clear not to associate with Mr. Santorum.  I don’t know if the gay son is her biological child with Rick or not.

Karen Santorum was answering a question from a Greenville woman who said she had backed Santorum since he announced his presidential candidacy, but felt conflicted because her youngest son was gay.

“What he’s been hearing is ‘Oh, Rick Santorum hates gays,” the woman said. “How do I deal with that?” She added that her son didn’t want marriage rights either and had no problem with her support of Santorum, but that she felt guilty nonetheless.

Rick Santorum said his views on marriage are not meant to be hateful or bigoted, as many have perceived them. “This is public policy difference and the problem is some see that public policy difference as a personal assault,” he said.

The problem with the public policy argument, as he stages it is that public policies are not supposed to be bigoted–it’s illegal to enact policy like that, actually.  No worries, because while Mrs. Santorum says she feels “guilt” over her support of the policies that sound suspiciously similar to “gays get no rights,” she also sounds unwilling to change that.

Firedogg Lake has a scathing commentary:

Rick Santorum‘s baby mama Karen jumped into the gay fray today by going all mama grizzly on teh gheys (including the bears). Pointing out that they’re just being haters when they’re hatin’ on Rick’s unhealthy obsession with homosexuals, Karen said that Rick actually loves him some gay (strictly in a non-physical, purely manly, bro-hugs-lasting-longer-than-four-seconds-are-totally-queer way) and only seeks to save them from the horrors of a bleak and loveless marriagekept together for the children’s sake:..[there is a segment of a similar quote I had inserted above]…

Stop being mean to Rick Santorum, you guys!

Just because Rick doesn’t want you to get married doesn’t mean you can’t live together in sin, doing God knows what with your naughty parts to each other, just like Karen Santorum did for six years with a baby-killer in return for nice vacation trips and orthodonture before she gave up on life and settled for Rick and began pooping out babies.

You guys can do that too, although you may want to pass on the settling and baby-pooping part….

I wanted to check up on the “baby killer” commentary, and I found out that when she was younger, Karen Santorum (then Karen Garver)  dated and lived with an OB/abortion provider, Tom Allen, 30 years her senior, whom she apparently went on to live with for 6 years:

Garver moved into the basement apartment, but she wasn’t there long, says Allen. “That first night, as soon as it got dark, she called to say she was scared and asked if she could come up. I figured it was a come-on, but that was OK.” Karen, he says, came upstairs, permanently.

Unusual though the affair may seem now, Allen says it “really wasn’t that big a deal, at least to me.” It was the ’80s, after all, and he’d had a number of young girlfriends before Garver; his wife Judi is 30 years younger than he. “My first marriage didn’t do very well because of that behavior,” he concedes.

She came upstairs “permanently,” or for about 5 years.  The relationship with the abortion provider broke up, she married Rick Santorum at some point, and then the rest is fairy-tale bliss, all except for that  hating part…  Okay, and except for that whole part about how her husband is against gay rights, and since she married him, and her gay son doesn’t want rights, she doesn’t see any problem with her husband’s comments.  Intimating that Rick Santorum comes across as controlling, one of her former friends commented on what she became after marrying Santorum:

Around that time, she met her future husband when he recruited her as a summer intern for his law firm; he too hadn’t been much of a practicing Catholic, but that changed soon after they married in 1990. They immediately started a family; Karen never practiced law. Her husband ran for Congress, and by the mid-1990s he was among the most fervent anti-abortion legislators in the House of Representatives. Her law-school friend the social-justice lawyer ran into Karen Santorum on Capitol Hill around then. “She greeted me warmly,” he recalls, “but I got the idea that she wasn’t allowed to embrace me or anything. By that point she was dressed like Hester Prynne.”


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