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NY Times Ditches Anti-Islam Ad But Publishes Anti-Catholic Ad

March 17, 2012

The NY Times has made the rather illogical decision to publish an anti-Catholic ad while refusing to publish an anti-Islamic ad under the guise that lives will be endangered in Afghanistan by the publication of an ad that criticizes Islam.  I am trying to find a copy of both ads.  Apparently the NY Times sees fit to criticize one religion while protecting another through its publications, and controversy ensues.  Surprised?  We shouldn’t be.

Whew, figured out how to copy one of the ads, but now I am working on the other.  Here is the anti-Islamic ad that the NY Times refused to run.  Inflammatory, yes.  Offensive, well, yes.  I am not Muslim, but I find it offensive.

Objectionable judgment call from NYTimes? Running one ad criticizing one religion while citing fear as a reason not to run another ad criticizing another religion.

The Jihad Watch website, and I am not vouching for it whatsoever, because I don’t know anything about it, did publish both ads:

While I like the fact that NYTimes refused to publish bigotry about about Islam, I am saddened that it would publish it about another religion, Catholicism.  Hate speech is hate speech, and that is uncontested. What’s distressing is that a national newspaper purportedly refuses to engage in hate speech and publishes some.  It’s bound to

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