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Michigan’s Rick Snyder Like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker: Recalled

April 2, 2012
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose I just can’t help laughing every time I hear a recall effort being launched against our esteemed Governor Rick Snyder, but then that’s quickly tempered by intense feelings of sadness.  Why the emotional bifurcation?  I get the warm fuzzies whenever I joyfully think that a recall effort might work, and then I quickly plummet when I realize the efforts haven’t been, shall we say, an organizational success?  Technicalities abound.  Disorganization seems to be the main stumbling block to recalling Snyder, not lack of public sentiment.

Huffington Post just reported that recall efforts are once again underway, this time with a revised petition:

For the second time in two years a group of Michigan activists is launching a recall drive against Gov. Rick Snyder (R).

With a reworded recall petition focused on actions Snyder has taken rather than actions Snyder is projected to take, the group Michigan Rising believes they can double the amount of signatures they received last year and force a recall referendum in November. The group is focusing the bulk of its attention on Snyder’s decision to sign “emergency manager” legislation allowing the state to take control of local governments and his budget plans.

“Things have gotten worse,” Michigan Rising spokesman Bruce Fealk told The Huffington Post.

The language submitted to Washtenaw County election officials specifically cites Snyder’s education, tax and local government policies. The petition claims that Snyder has hurt school children by taking $400 million out of the state school fund, which caused students to be placed in over crowded classrooms, and notes his cutting of the state’s food stamp program. It also says that Snyder has ousted elected officials with the emergency manager law and raised taxes on the poor and middle class, while cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

“He is robbing from the poor to pay the rich,” Fealk said. “It is Robin Hood in reverse.”

The group also describes Snyder in a press release as a “corporate monster” who has failed to create jobs.

Snyder’s press office did not immediately return a request for comment.

…County election officials will be holding a hearing on the petition on April 9 and Snyder will have 10 days to appeal the decision if the petition is approved. Michigan Rising has to gather 807,000 signatures from Michigan voters during a 90-day window within a 180-day period following the certification of their original request. Last year, the group obtained 500,000 signatures. Fealk said that the group is aiming to collect between 1.1 and 1.2 million signatures.

I do wonder a bit skeptically why we couldn’t come up with a recognizable petition to begin with, but perhaps it’s the old adage of proving damage to question legal precedent.  Okay, so now Rick Snyder a la Scott Walker has inflicted damage. I know he can’t help it that he sort of looks like a prig, but does he have to act like one too?  Supposedly he has all the “guts” to do this “hard work,” and yet, I don’t see him doing any kind of work that doesn’t directly benefit big businesses, namely that which removes the individual’s initiative, the voter’s initiative and replaces it with what Snyder feels is best for Big Brother.  Whoops, I mean what I think Snyder feels is best for himself.  Whoops, I mean that I think Snyder does what is best for his money, his constituents, or, er, um, for whom does Rick Snyder work? For whom does the campaign bell toll?  Snyder has slipped so much money his way that his tale is greasy.

With any hope, we can get a  Snyder/Walker recall moving.  It’s tough to tell Scott Walker and Rick Snyder apart sometimes what with their graying hair, white skin, ill-fitting suits, sanctimonious expressions, and devil-may-care attitude toward pissing off voters. The thing that separates the two men most distinctly for me is what I perceive to be Snyder’s mile-wide racist streak, his attack on black communities, his power plays to unseat communityshildren’s parks in places like Benton Harbor  to make way for large white marinas? He acts as if the whole state IS Detroit, with it’s corruption, its financial infirmities, it’s seedy Kwame peep shows.  All I can say is that if Detroit is bought out by corruption, who furnished the cash?  And should  Detroit then be remade in Snyder’s image? Hmm, or Snyder’s efforts to push out poor, black voters from the polls.  Maybe it’s his campaign to remove elected officials from black communities, replacing them with his own appointments. In any case, it may soon be coming to end.  We can only hope, and I can only wish.  I may do some crying in the meantime… Please, get this right this time…


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