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Michigan Democrats Perform “Vagina Monologues”

June 18, 2012

Women are protesting a female-only “punishment” enacted against a female senator who used the word “vagina” on the floor.  While men have engaged in fist fights, they have never been “disciplined” in the same way.

According to a news report:

Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown will not be silenced. Last week, she was barred from speaking at the Michigan House of Representatives after she used the word “vagina” while making an argument for abortion rights on the floor. But that won’t stop her from saying the word. She and other Democratic lawmakers will gather at the Michigan State Capitol on Monday night to perform The Vagina Monologues. They’ll be joined by the play’s writer, Eve Ensler

Other reports quote Brown defending her speech:

In an opinion piece for the News, Brown defended her speech.

“It is not acceptable for male legislators to silence women and tell us that we can’t even speak about our own bodies,” she wrote. “And it’s not acceptable for House leaders to declare that an elected representative no longer has the right to speak on behalf of her people.”

Ensler, who started writing the series of monologues in 1996, tweeted:

“We’re [to] perform Vagina Mono on steps of Michigan Capitol this Mon 6pm w Sen Warren,Whitmer, many Reps, leaders activists. I cant wait to moan!”

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