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Breastfeeding Moms in Uniform Get People Angry

June 26, 2012

These moms got a lot of flack for having a photo taken while they were wearing a uniform and nursing.  Some women claimed it was an abuse of the uniform, but one man, whose name I can’t remember, had posted that he would defend these Americans any day.  As a soldier, he was called to defend people he didn’t even know, but these are American citizens nursing their babies.  In essence, we all wonder:  what is so wrong with women in uniform nursing?

Some controversy exists because officials alleged that the women weren’t allowed to use the uniform to further their own cause, that being the cause of women nursing, and they were posted on Mom2Mom of Fairchild Air Force Base.

I think that some of this stems from Americans’ discomfort with mothers in the military, mothers nursing in the military and women’s breasts being used for feeding infants.

The photo is part of a local breastfeeding awareness campaign by Mom2Mom of Fairchild Air Force Base, a support group launched in January by Crystal Scott, a military spouse and mother of three. Among the intimate close-ups of smiling young mothers cuddling their adorable babies, the images of the two airmen stand out.

“People are comparing breastfeeding in uniform to urinating and defecating in uniform. They’re comparing it to the woman who posed in “Playboy” in uniform [in 2007]” Scott told Yahoo! Shine in an interview. “We never expected it to be like this.”

“I’m an X-ray tech and I breastfeed in my uniform all the time,” Scott says. “Granted they’re scrubs. But people do it all the time in their uniforms. If you have a hungry baby, why would you take the time to change completely?”

I don’t think women should have to change clothing to nurse their babies.  After all, all soldiers start out as babies, and they call come from their mothers. Many good soldiers have been breastfed too.


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